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  1. It reminds me of Tifa's home town... that and some sort of crystal/ snowy ice cave...i can't put my finger on it maybe the song played when your in the snowy area? Or maybe its a mix of a bunch of songs, either way its fantastic!
  2. I love the snappy piano/drum beat that picks up at 2:27, well of course along with the rest of the song but that was my particular favorite part =D, why can't all soft songs be this awesome?
  3. This level in the game used to scare the crap out of me when i was little, you know trying to keep the lights on in the temple or else the ghosts would getcha? Well whatever I thought it was a great song, yes it is a little lowkey but it's befitting of the level in the game. I personally think its a great remix of that song in particular
  4. I play this while I'm playing videogames, I think it actually makes me play better...if there were such a thing for me mwhaha ^^. Awesome job this ones going in my car mix
  5. *cries* if i turn the lights off and turn the volume up it's almost like im actually there. Simply amazing, a haunting song that i won't soon forget (of course its going to be on the next CD i make =D so its not like i'll stop listening).
  6. I thought it was great, I don't remember the original so I can't really be a judge on its originality and whatnot...but its definatly well done, simple sounds yet quite catchy
  7. Its repetition isn't a bad aspect, its actually what makes the song so nice (along with the variation of instruments), its something I could listen to hours upon hours, but then again i loved everything about CC's sound track
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