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  1. One of my favorite tracks from VotL-the mood that it creates is so heavy and perfect, it sends chills down my spine. Everything blends together so damn well...congratulations on releasing such an amazing piece! It's also a kickass track for working out to.
  2. wow, this mix is amazing. Heavy on the atmosphere and just really transporting-this is what I love. The man's vocals in particular really fit the tone of the piece. This is the kind of track I can just put on repeat and listen to for hours; thanks for the great mix!
  3. Love the ethereal, otherworldly mood this track creates; it's bloody amazing. It reminds me a bit of the piece that plays when a colossus has fallen. Closing my eyes while listening to this, I can imagine the sealed land in SotC covered in snowfall-it's got to be quite a sight.
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