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  1. Greetings to all! I was just hoping to ask if someone could do a remix of the four final boss themes from Rudra No Hihou (Treasure of The Rudras). I've always thought they would be a good candidate for mixing together into one big and rather dramatic compilation. The tracks are titled as follows: In The Mirror, Damned, Evolution, Final Conflict. I have a complete OST video here, I figure one link is better than four and perhaps it may also spark inspiration from the other tracks aswell? The four tracks in particular begin at time index [63:56]. As for style, Well I'm not really sure what style fits this most perfectly but I am a fan of metal mixes with a particular fondness for power metal, Though I have enjoyed orchestral aswell, I believe both styles would fit this well, though I'm not picky at all. I'd just be happy to see one of my favorite games get some love and attention. Many thanks in advance!
  2. hey can we get a remix of royd's theme from terranigma? and the credits theme from same game is possible. really hoping to see what people can do with royd's tho. people have done a thousand covers of it on youtube but ive never actually seen a half decent remix.
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