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  1. Greetings to all! I was just hoping to ask if someone could do a remix of the four final boss themes from Rudra No Hihou (Treasure of The Rudras). I've always thought they would be a good candidate for mixing together into one big and rather dramatic compilation. The tracks are titled as follows: In The Mirror, Damned, Evolution, Final Conflict. I have a complete OST video here, I figure one link is better than four and perhaps it may also spark inspiration from the other tracks aswell? The four tracks in particular begin at time index [63:56]. As for styl
  2. hey can we get a remix of royd's theme from terranigma? and the credits theme from same game is possible. really hoping to see what people can do with royd's tho. people have done a thousand covers of it on youtube but ive never actually seen a half decent remix.
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