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  1. I've done that. But I'm curious as to how low to begin and end. I don't want it too quiet cause this is going over a rock track and if it gets too low it'll sound like it disappears.
  2. https://soundcloud.com/soleparadigm/tr-strings-demo How's this sound? I feel the difference in the stitching together.
  3. Yeah this scares me a little cause I'm worried my machine won't be able to take that much at once. Got an Intel i5 processor with 16gigs of RAM and all my drives are 7200rpm. Sounds like an up to date machine but i still freak out when I start loading all kinds of shit.
  4. I think this is what I'm doing now actually. I got Play set to a port and then a handful of MIDI outs routed in FL Studio for each articulation. That the same thing? Sounds like it. What I meant was Im gonna need more than one instance of Play because I think I'm gonna need more than 16 channels for the articulations for the other string instruments.
  5. Ah! CLICK! But it was as I feared. I'm gonna need more than one instance of Play to fulfil my needs. Was hoping to avoid that but I guess it was inevitable. Thanks Dan! And thanks for the honorable mention. haha
  6. I figured as much and I'm willing to do the work. No question. But I'm surprised that almost no one has posted a tutorial or anything in regards to an in depth look at the library and how to use it. One guy so far as been attempting to make a series of videos to help people out but he's been to busy to make them. Its funny. You'd think someone out there after all this time would have gone and done something like that. I've seen videos for basically everything else like Massive and Absynth and FM8. It would seriously be helpful to laymens like me to learn some as initially complex as this. Bes
  7. My midi controller is busted. I use "edit events" in the piano roll to automate. Little bit harder but it gets the job done. That part I understand and need to toy with. Its just that there's SO MANY samples I don't know what the right one is for what I'm doing. Whatever will make it sound natural. As for the mixing goes, I'm kind of having a hard time in that area too. I'm listening to some more orchestra music like the 25th anniversary Zelda disc that came with skyward sword. So far all I could match closely is the panning for the strings. (Violins and violas to the left, cellos and basses
  8. https://soundcloud.com/soleparadigm/orchestra-test-1 Sorry for the low-volume mix. Didnt have time to add a limiter or anything. My mixing is also an issue. I lack a certain warmth you'd expect from an orchestra.
  9. First the need answer I need most at the moment: How to go from legato strings to staccato strings and back in unison using EWQLSO Platinum Plus whilst sounding realistic. Can't seem to do this right. Samples don't connect naturally. Now the story (Skip if you want. I'm only telling this to show what I've done to solve this so far): I've recently upgraded my orchestra library to EWQLSO Platinum Plus and got rid of that old Kompakt version I had. The PLAY engine is giving me some nice control over things now. But I'm still having an issue in the realism department. I've looked on the internet f
  10. I just bought an Axe-FX II a month or so ago and I gotta say it's the best investment I've ever made. www.fractalaudio.com will show you some super-well-known musicians hailing this baby. Dave Mustain (Megadeth), John Petrucci (Dream Theater/Liquid Tension Experiment), Adrian Belew (King Crimson/Talking Heads/David Bowie), etc. They just updated the firmware and it sounds killer! I'm selling my Line 6 Spider IV amp since I won't be needing it anymore. Of course, if you wanna play with the Axe-FX live, you're gonna need a cab and a power amp. But if you're using it for a home studio (like me) j
  11. This really is an open-ended question. There is no wrong answer.
  12. ebuch pretty much said it. But what I personally use is a limiter to raise the volume of tracks to keep from clipping. Massey's l2007 limiter works great AND it's trial version allows you to use it forever. It just won't save ur settings for it. Which I've been getting away with all year since I found out about it. I will eventually buy it though because the limiter is damn good and deserves compensation. I THINK they make it in VST form im not sure. Slap it on the master track, adjust the ceiling to about just under -1db. Then set the threshold to however loud you need. Check your headroom on
  13. Hypothetical question. If I were to release an album using a drum machine, could money be made off that? Is it frowned upon? Are there any laws regarding such a thing? I ask because it's something I've never heard of and I'm currently working on a double-disc album using all that I have in my home studio which includes Superior Drummer and Addictive Drums. As well as EWQLSO and other virtual instruments. I've yet to study music law or the like so was wondering if it were possible.
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