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  1. I made a little piano interpretation of Metal Gear Solid 2's Skateboarding track. I'm not a real piano player, though. I decided to write it one evening to kinda challenge myself, wish I could actually play the piano! Anyway, I'd love to hear what you guys think about the track in terms of what it lacks/what's cool in it. Arrangement: http://soundcloud.com/im-limit-break/3-records-of-a-soldier-mgs2 Original:
  2. Thank you! I'll try to make the sound with Massive's FM Mod Oscillator
  3. I'm trying to make a bass similar to the one in these songs from Bear McCreary: (00:22) (00:54)It's a layered bass with an awesome stereo effect. I was able to synthesize its sub bass, but I'm having difficulties to make that top 'gritty' bass! Does anyone know how to make such thing? Please?
  4. Yeah, that might be because there's actually no post production yet, I wrote this sketch very fast, and with a different computer than mine, so I had to leave post-production behind and focused on the development of the track only. I'll post produce and continue it on my computer as soon as I get home!
  5. After a long time of silence, here I am, back on ocr forums! I'm the guy who attempted production a couple of years ago by writing two Final Fantasy arrangements as a start, but they really weren't so good... (You can find them here [FFVIII] and here [FFX]) I eventually left production behind for a while, but lately I started studying and applying it very seriously. The following is a little sketch of a Zelda rearrangrment I wrote in the last two days. It's much higher level from my previous productions, but there's still much job to do... So I'd love to hear what you guys think about
  6. Hey guys, sorry if I keep asking things. I was wondering how can I make the string-like sound that starts at the ?Thank you. Thanks for the help, I found it
  7. Hello everyone I'm looking for a sound that I've heard plenty of times, but don't know how it's called, I just know it's a vocal sound that is heard in japanese songs (especially, in and in Naruto's Soundtracks as well)Does anyone know a sample library/VSTi for these kind of vocals??
  8. Your advices are all precious, thanks guys I think I'll start by composing music I'd like to listen to, like SnappleMan said, and also experiment other genres when I get good at producing music. I don't want to learn to produce music for economical purposes... The reason why I want to make music is to spread messages all around the world in a language we all understand
  9. Hey everybody, I've got a question for you How did you figure out your music genre? I'm attracted by alot of music genres and listen many of them all the time. Now that I finally have the time,I want to start composing/remixing... but I don't know which genre to use. How did you choose yours?
  10. I bet we're all Uematsu fans out here, well, this make the winning chance really low, but I still wanna partecipate
  11. I see I would never had figured out those things myself, so thank you very much for your critiques, I really appreciate that Now that I know where I'm lacking, I do know where to work on. And I will!
  12. Thanks for your advices The problem is that my laptop's not enough powerful to add more things to this piece, but I'm planning to get some new hardware, so I'll review it completely after I'll buy my new pc. Damn, I was so optimistic and naive I didn't even consider that xD I guess you're right, this is not the right one to begin with! (at least, for now..)
  13. So I made up a few changes again, I softered the piano like Rozovian suggested me, and I added a fully wet-reverbered piano on the back. I made some minor changes on the whistle too, and I increased the master volume, wich was too low before. In some parts the piano and the whistle are still playing in unison, I haven't find an alternative melody yet, plus, it looks like I'm really near to the limit of my laptop's capacities, and you might notice that if you listen to the song carefully.. I wanted to add more things, like atmospherical effects sounds ('cause it's the Thunder Plains!) but I n
  14. Damn, guess I'm stuck again! I need to find the choir that is used in this Ragnarok Online BGM, , but I have no idea of this kind of choir's name, I think I heard it somewhere else too, does anyone knows the precise name of this kind of choirs?I'm really in need of it right now x_x
  15. I felt there was something wrong in the piano velocity, but I wasn't so sure, now that you confirmed that, I'll definitely lower it! The piano & whistle unison is the proof of my low level skills in this field, infact I never thought of alternating them, I must try that out! Thanks for your advices, Sir
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