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  1. I stood at the bottom of a black wall of icy stone. As I looked up I found myself gazing into the angry red eyes of a stark Ghost. My blood went cold as I stood in the freezing snow. And then my world went black... or white, I couldn't really know.
  2. Hey man whats up. I absolutely LOOOOVVE your Twilight Of Ivory song. I was wondering, can I pleeeaase have the .WAV file? It would just make my day all over again.

  3. Hey dude whats up. I loooove your Morrowind remix "Fear Not". Its gotta be one of if not my favorite mixes from this site. I was wondering if I could get the lossless quality version from you. I tried to go to your website to see if you had it posted there or something but.. I guess the site is down? Anyways.. sorry for the PM. Thanks. :)

  4. Hey man whats up. I've been listening to your music for a few years now from this site. Let me just say, your work is beautiful. I particularly like "Braving Tal Tal Heights" from Zelda. I was wondering if I could get the lossless quality version of that song from you. Honestly I would like to get all of your stuff in high quality if thats something you'd be ok with? Anyways.. sorry for the PM. Love your work, thanks :)

  5. I've never heard this before but it sounds like a remix or something from Final Fantasy X.
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