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  1. I really feel like this track achieved what the artist was going for. Great work
  2. Sorry about the late reply! I have no idea what you're good at or enjoy doing musically, but for myself my preferences run pretty much to the slower, atmospheric, melancholic stuff. But If you have any sort of inspiration for it I'd love to hear someone take a try at it, regardless of where it ends up with getting submitted. If you do something send me a pm or something?
  3. Still enjoying the three realms 7 years later. too bad it wasn't for a game xD Love the 'lonely farmer'.
  4. Hi all, It's been forever and a day since I posted to these forums but I was just listening to this song again and wishing there were some decent remixes out there. It's this version in particular that I like: I guess there are a couple different soundtracks depending on when and where you bought the game. Just thought I'd throw it out here in case somebody might get inspired
  5. 1. Ammy!! I mean, um, Amaterasu for the other two I dont care too much. Dark Samus and Goron maybe?
  6. Love this track, I enjoyed it at the first listen but it didn't stand out all that much to me, good enough to end up on my flash drive though and it came up the other day on my way to work and I havent been able to listen to it enough times since, can't get it out of my head. Its just beautiful!
  7. If it weren't for this mix I wouldn't own Okami, simple as that. Not that I got around to it very quick, but it's been on my list since I heard this song I'm actually about 20 hours into it now!
  8. at least the lyrics are posted, cause there are some I chronically mishear every time.... for example... I hear her sing "searching for... a life that will bring you more... misery... is what your heart seems to need" - instead of mystery! and "silence is a moment when your heart breaks" ..instead of lives. oh well, its a lovely track either way, have always enjoyed it!
  9. always happy to help, love his music, starting with chrono trigger. (I even hummed the song playing when Chrono wakes up in the beginning...while I was getting up and opening my shades in my room one day. Didn't even think about it, it just happened!) But I love the music in the final fantasy games, too, especially 6.
  10. This is a nice piece which somehow (until I check what song it is) always makes me think somehow a track from metallica's S&M album got on my player somehow
  11. Sad that this is the most recent McV mix on here This is a stunning moody piece of work (if there's anything I like it's moody) which regretfully was one of the first songs I put on my first mp3 player, resulting in listening to it waaaaay too often for a while This piece holds up so well though, I hardly had to take a break to enjoy it again!
  12. There's plenty of stuff I got from OCR that I enjoy listening to. This is one of the ones I think about and will listen to by itself when I wasn't listening to music otherwise at all. Love the mood and the variation from the original theme.
  13. I dont know if it shows up on the file I uploaded but the last modified date of the file is in 2005 if that makes any difference. I'll look into that iron mix collection but it looks like they're missing most of the imc20 files there....which may not be useful at all. I'm just crossing my fingers that maybe someone would actually recognize the track!
  14. I have had this song on my harddrive for a very, very long time. The only thing I remember about it is that I downloaded it from the OCR forums - maybe from the WIP forum - but it's been so long I could be wrong. It's been in my OCR folder on my harddrive, anyway. I really enjoy it and if possible would like to know 1) who made it and 2) what song it is a remix of (if it is) here's the link to the file: http://llama.hisbodylife.com/OCR/imc20.mp3
  15. I always used to completely skip the second half of the song if I noticed the switch, didn't care for it at all. Then I played ff5 recently. Now I appreciate both parts, although ofcourse the first half is more energetic and noticeable I guess remembering the ship graveyard and so on helps to appreciate the second half... musically it doesn't stand out by itself.
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