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  1. I registered on here just so I could say this. I have tears in my eyes writing this. I discovered and downloaded Reuben's Ryu for Four Pianos a while back and never knew his name. It saddens me to only discover his name after he died. This song was always one of my favorites and I felt such compassion and power though it. I played fighters competitively in the past and this song always reminded me of the good old days of my life in the past. This hurts me more then I think it should. Maybe it hurts also to know he was the same age as I am. To think of passing away so young...it's tough to even think about. I will continue to enjoy all of his music. I have Ryu for Four Pianos on loop right now, with my heart broken. He will be missed. My heart goes out to his family and friends, whether they knew him personally or through his music like myself. Rest Well Reuben, you left a great mark on many people.