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  1. Sadly, I read every single page in this thread. I honestly love both consoles (minus the PS3) and PC. Lately though, my wallet just can't keep up with the PC games, haha. Really what draws me back to my PC is that it's an incredible audio setup ever since I started upgrading it, and I really can't upgrade my console beyond my 5.1 setup since it's then down to the component cables and on board audio, I suppose. Either way, I'll stick with what I can afford, which is a decently upgradable PC and my older consoles. I don't mind running games on medium as long as the gameplay still rocks. E
  2. Man, I swear to god I've been scrobbling more OCR than is healthy. This is just another song that's gonna push the play count through the roof. If you don't have it, your ears are lonely for some Alpha Blade.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly. His Ascension to Cosmo Canyon piece was absolutely beautiful, this is such a terrible loss. I've used the site for years and never touched the forums, but, now would be a good time. Extremely sorry for his family, my condolences.
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