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  1. You might have already read this. Reading this helped me alot on my compositions. http://www.musique.umontreal.ca/personnel/Belkin/bk/ The main thing missing I think is clear progression in the music, or 'direction'. Maybe if you re-structured the music into clearly defineable sections. At the moment it seems to be too heavily centred around the opening two or three phrases which comes back again in the middle of the piece. There are so many ideas one after another here that it makes it somewhat uncomfortable. The ideas themselves are nice but you need to mix them in better with 'familia
  2. Hi, I need to listen to your remix a few more times in conjunction with the ending track for Lufia II which I think you based this off of. On first impressions, the thing that stood out for me was the lack of dynamics. Soft, loud and so forth. I can't really comment as I do not know how you wanted this to turn out from just listening to it. The reason why, probably, that this remix seems to lack 'life' as you put it is partly the lack of distinguishable dynamics but probably also the lack of direction. Even with pieces of music that don't tell some sort of story, there is always a sense of d
  3. I offer my profound condolences to Reuben Kee's family and relatives. Reuben Kee was the first artist on OverClocked ReMix that I found and listened to that made me want to mix my own music. His classical piano variations struck a similar chord to my own tastes in music. I did not know Reuben personally but I have listened to his mixes often, most especially "Shenmue Reflections" which I listen to everyday without fail. In listening to his mixes I felt an empathic bond that all those who have listened to his mixes must have felt. This empathic bond relayed to me, and no doubt others, his p
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