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  1. There are so many sprites I misunderstood as a child. I never got Geno, for one. He always looked like he had a growth on his face, or his nose was mutated or something. Actually hair though.


    I thought it was his nose. It wasn't until I bought the players guide that I noticed it was his hair. I knew he had hair of course but I thought they just fucked up the sprite. lol

  2. Super Mario RPG

    Axem Rangers or Smithy. I remember rubbing my fingers on my A and B buttons on the Axem Rangers so hard my thumb ended up busting open. (I was like 8 lol)

    Smithy was just a douche because he had so much health and I was like, "OMFG, WHEN THE HELL IS HE GONNA DIE!!".

  3. I'm guilty of buying console and handheld games (Street Fighter 4, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Prince of Persia; it's latest incarnation, and many more games come to mind) and never even playing them because World of Warcraft has ruled my life since I started playing the day of its launch (I started when I was 16 and just turned 21 on sunday).

    Also, I never finished Okami. ><


    Every game I have bought since I started playing WoW, with the exception of SSBB and Twilight Princess, I have yet to beat.

    Please kill my WoW addiction..I want to play the games I have still in the wrappers.. :puppyeyes:

  4. Yeaaah...Black Friday is gonna be awesome since I work at Best Buy..

    It's great though because I only work in the morning during store hours for three hours which is the shit, but I have to open so I have to get up at 2am and be there at 3am and deal with the lowest form of scum for two hours when we open at 4.

    Oh, and then I get to go back at 11:30pm and work until 6am the next day and do shipment.

    Oh yeah..Happy Thanksgiving. :<

    Sweet Potato Pie ftw!!!

  5. On Tuesday I worked 6am-1pm and I made sure not to leave work until I got my hands on a copy. I kept going to the warehouse and asking the guys who do the receiving if they got it yet.

    I finally asked if I could go through the boxes that they did receive and the first box I opened had like 40 copies.

    I almost teared up. lol

    I happily skipped home after that. j/k (Or am I?) :<

  6. Yeah I just thought it was weird. :D

    But yeah, the movie looks like it will be pretty good. Maybe when I get back from Puerto Rico next week I'll pick up a copy of the book to read.

  7. First of all, for those of you who haven't read or finished the book, READ IT. And read it slowly. There is a lot in the book. It is not your average superhero comic. It's hardly what you expect. Don't expect many action scenes either. Watchmen is a deconstruction of the superhero genre. In fact, the only person with superpowers at all is Dr. Manhattan (the blue man). There are many themes in Watchmen. If you're reading it and thinking "this book is alright," you're clearly not understanding the subtext. Watchmen is the only graphic novel to be on Time's 100 Greatest Novels of All Time list, and to win the Harvey Award. Zack Snyder is working hard to make this movie as close to the book as possible, he really understands the importance in this.

    Rofl, this made me laugh for a second because like ten minutes ago I went to Wikipedia to see what Watchmen was about and this paragraph is almost like word for word what Wikpedia says. :<

  8. I watched it tonight as well and it was really amazing, great ending to a great story. I had watched the series when it first came out but by the end of Book 1 I didn't have time available to watch any of the other episodes after that (or any TV at all for that matter). I would usually catch it on TV by mistake just by flipping through the channels and I would be like, "Holy shit, I am so glad I decided to watch TV tonight."

    I'm going to assume that the whole series will be on DVD by this Christmas and I will definitely be looking forward to its release.

    I work for Best Buy so I'll definitely be hiding one in the back for myself when the time comes.. :<

  9. Thread Revival ftw...

    I am so freakin' psyched about this game it's not even funny. This is probably my favorite game of all time, next to Super Mario RPG, and I still play it all the time.

    The one thing I am looking forward to is the soundtrack being redone. The Revenge of Meta Knight Ending theme is my favorite song of all time.

    I hope it gets remixed by someone here.. :<

  10. Also, I play along to the song with my hands. If you've ever met me, you may have noticed this: if I hear music I start fingering along with it on my lap as if sort of nonchalantly playing the piano. That's how I "get into the music" or whatever. Not sure if others do this or not though, I've never noticed.

    I actually do this a lot..I play piano so it happens quite frequently without me even noticing. I also tap the ground with my feet too. I do it so much at work that my co-workers are like, "What the hell are you doing?" and when I explain it to them they kind of understand and laugh.

    I'll be sitting at home doing it with my eyes closed and when I open them one of my family members is usually there laughing their ass off.

    I sing with my music a lot too since I used to be in chorus.

  11. I visualize the music into actual surroundings. There are places which could be completely real somewhere on the planet and others that only exist inside my mind. The place is always based off of what feeling the song provokes.

    I get taken somewhere different every time I listen to a song. They all have their own place/world I instantly arrive in as soon as my ears hear it. This is what makes music so amazing for me to listen to because I can just zone out and imagine myself in another world and unwind. Sometimes they even have a visualizer effect like in Windows Media Player.

    It's like going on vacation without actually going anywhere.

  12. Metaknight just got SO much gayer:

    Jesus Christ, Sakurai...They seriously need to get some pro players on the Beta testing on this kind of crap. Maybe they'll catch on if and when they release a 4th installment.

    That's the most OP shit I've ever seen. I hope it gets banned from competitive play.

  13. Shouldn't you take advantage of the free fixes while MS is still being generous about it?

    Nah, not really, I even told the Microsoft rep that comes in from time to time about it and she said not to worry about it as long is comes back to life the next day. Plus, it's not my 360 so I don't care. :<

  14. It's funny because the 360 at my job gets the red ring of death every night but somehow manages to work the next day when I come in and turn it on, rofl...

    I have customers come up to me and tell me, "Dude, your 360 has the red ring of death.." like everyday. It's hilarious to see their faces when I tell them it comes back to life the next day. :<

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