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    I'm a huge fan of the Mega Man series and Kirby, I don't like first-person shooters at all, but I do like Halo (somewhat). I own a Wii and that's about it. Until I find something to make me buy one of the other systems that's the way it'll stay.

    I've been playing piano for about 7 or 8 years now and I've been singing even longer than that. Music's always been the one thing I loved more than anything else in this world, I can't imagine life without it..
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    Erik Rivera
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    Electronics Specialist

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  1. This. I thought it was his nose. It wasn't until I bought the players guide that I noticed it was his hair. I knew he had hair of course but I thought they just fucked up the sprite. lol
  2. Super Mario RPG Axem Rangers or Smithy. I remember rubbing my fingers on my A and B buttons on the Axem Rangers so hard my thumb ended up busting open. (I was like 8 lol) Smithy was just a douche because he had so much health and I was like, "OMFG, WHEN THE HELL IS HE GONNA DIE!!".
  3. I'm guilty of buying console and handheld games (Street Fighter 4, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Prince of Persia; it's latest incarnation, and many more games come to mind) and never even playing them because World of Warcraft has ruled my life since I started playing the day of its launch (I started when I was 16 and just turned 21 on sunday). Also, I never finished Okami. >< Edit: Every game I have bought since I started playing WoW, with the exception of SSBB and Twilight Princess, I have yet to beat. Please kill my WoW addiction..I want to play the games I have still in the wrappers..
  4. Yeaaah...Black Friday is gonna be awesome since I work at Best Buy.. It's great though because I only work in the morning during store hours for three hours which is the shit, but I have to open so I have to get up at 2am and be there at 3am and deal with the lowest form of scum for two hours when we open at 4. Oh, and then I get to go back at 11:30pm and work until 6am the next day and do shipment. Oh yeah..Happy Thanksgiving. Sweet Potato Pie ftw!!!
  5. Try Toys 'R' US, that's where I got my last controller, I bought it in like...August. They're corded though since the Wavebird is out of commision.
  6. ^Art by SoraMito ^ Unknown artist My two favorite games of all time.
  7. On Tuesday I worked 6am-1pm and I made sure not to leave work until I got my hands on a copy. I kept going to the warehouse and asking the guys who do the receiving if they got it yet. I finally asked if I could go through the boxes that they did receive and the first box I opened had like 40 copies. I almost teared up. lol I happily skipped home after that. j/k (Or am I?)
  8. I play this game just about everyday. Super Star Deluxe will probably dominate my life as soon as it comes on next week. I work the day it comes out so I'll be hiding a copy in the back warehouse. Gotta love working at Best Buy.
  9. Yeah I just thought it was weird. But yeah, the movie looks like it will be pretty good. Maybe when I get back from Puerto Rico next week I'll pick up a copy of the book to read.
  10. Rofl, this made me laugh for a second because like ten minutes ago I went to Wikipedia to see what Watchmen was about and this paragraph is almost like word for word what Wikpedia says.
  11. I watched it tonight as well and it was really amazing, great ending to a great story. I had watched the series when it first came out but by the end of Book 1 I didn't have time available to watch any of the other episodes after that (or any TV at all for that matter). I would usually catch it on TV by mistake just by flipping through the channels and I would be like, "Holy shit, I am so glad I decided to watch TV tonight." I'm going to assume that the whole series will be on DVD by this Christmas and I will definitely be looking forward to its release. I work for Best Buy so I'll definitely be hiding one in the back for myself when the time comes..
  12. I know it was, I was just hoping they'd Remaster it like they did with the other Kirby games so it sounds even more awesome that it does already. I listen to the original sountrack daily. =/
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