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  1. This is a track of "Glover"... Hasbro Game... on Ps1, N64 and PC... (im not sure this is the space1 track, but its already possible) My opinion: The music is very well reproduced, or this is the original track, since this demo is too similar with original song, may be reworking a bit to give him, a more "Remix-like" style! (Sorry Bad English) Edit:
  2. This is a truly great introduction... Keep it!!!
  3. Hi.. i propose today to Remix the Main Theme of Hard Drivin' 2... into a real Rock-Metal feeling! Demo of the Zik Here (.mod):
  4. Yes.. i Like it! This is not just a Remix, this is a Top Remake...
  5. Here.. a link with R U Overdrive of AkumajoBelmont & BrainCells! The style is Inspired of Initial D, like this: Sooo... inspiration? (My English SOOO.. Lame... i prefer limit my words ;p)
  6. That's it.. the Last Level of the First Episode ^^:
  7. Thx, i hope to ear the New Track01 track so soon! Allen, i surprise to hear this Track... this is not a Super Eurobeat version... but that a pretty good sketch and i upgrade the Speed of track of 15%... that's give a great fill of SEBeat... (Note: This idea to make a SEBeat version of Track01... is because i hear "R U Overdrive"... A SEBeat version of the RyuTheme ( and the Race Effect of SEBeat are greatly reproduce...) Im not a composer, but i propose this Idea and why not just take inspiration of this Track1Sketch3 and adjust that to be a real SEBeat version of this Track1 (Sorry again about this really BAD english!)
  8. Las Vegas, the First Race Track of TopGear is the Best Track of this Game, and the game remind me, sometimes Initial D... So i propose the First Race Track of TopGear, Super Eurobeat version! (Sorry about my truly poor English )