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  1. I am going to say that for me, the best part is the first transition from the fish's stage music to Poochie the dog's stage music. The way the chords started at 1:24, moving into the dancing single notes at 1:32 to whole hog at 1:40. I almost didn't realize it had switched it was so beautifully subtle! Great work!
  2. For some reason, when I hear this, my thoughts is irreversibly directed toward anime. Anyway, it's a fun mix to listen to, with a catchy beat and the high-pitched sound effects of those lovable clueless marchers. Good work; please keep it up!
  3. I really liked this piece! It's very gentle, with the piano adding a nice touch at the end. For some reason, at about :51, I was reminded of the first National Treasure...don't ask me why. ;
  4. Oh, man, I hardly know what to say about this! Easily one of my faves, five stars in my WMP library (and iTunes when I get it on my desktop computer)! Your voice really is sensational, and I find myself attempting to emulate it when I listen to the song. Specifically, the "Secret of the Arid Sands" harmony that you start at 2:49 is the icing on the cake. I play that part over and over to hear it and do it myself. I love the reverberation and multiple layers you use with your voice; they convey the sense of open spaces that riding on Flammie entails. Indeed, I was playing this ReMix in my head as I warmed up for track yesterday, and it fit the outdoors and the exhilaration so well! Awesome stuff; please keep it up! Edit: Memo to self: stick to font size 2 next time...
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