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  1. Hey, Vinnie!

    This is Michael Dangremond (Crystalis Mix Guy),

    I want to link this forum account to my artist page if possible... is there anything I have to do?

  2. My name is Mike. I made that crystalis remix "A tale of the god slayer". I'm terribly sorry, I just caught up with the thread concerning my mix. I would really like to give the production another shot. I've learned quite a few things since I resubmitted it anyways. I didn't receive any e-mails concerning the outcome of the judgment. I am saddened but not discouraged to try one last time. I feel I can definitely do better this time around. Please email me at Keysof4@hotmail.com, any other address isn't as reliable. Please tell how I must go about getting this re-resub re-rejudged fast. Thank you so much your time. -Mike

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