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    I'm always relatively TERRIBLE at writing things like these. Ah, let's see... I like writing fanfiction and original works, watching anime and listening to all sorts of music. I love old school RPGs and enjoy drawing. OCremix has been the best site I've found in all four years of high school, which are sadly coming to a close. I'm a shy girl so I don't talk too much, but I try.
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    McDonald's employee (grill team memeber- favorite task is cooking meat and chicken products)
  1. Its no good...I can't finish on time, I just can't T.T I'm so sorry.
  2. I would like to enter very much! I was going to last year, but then my computer blew up while I was making my music video and I've always been sad about it... So this time I'm definitely in!
  3. While I'm not a remixer, I write fanfictions which I post on fanfiction.net. Some time ago I had found someone who had taken the first two chapters of my story and posted them on the site Quizilla. There was a time when Quizilla was a fun, innocent site where I could find out what type of alcoholic beverage I was (strawberry dackery, actually), but then the site became infested will writer wannabes who posted sorry excuses for stories in horrible quiz format. This one member hadn't even tried hard enough to write their own story. Skimming through it, the 'author' note at the end of chapter tw
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