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  1. Its no good...I can't finish on time, I just can't T.T I'm so sorry.
  2. I would like to enter very much! I was going to last year, but then my computer blew up while I was making my music video and I've always been sad about it... So this time I'm definitely in!
  3. While I'm not a remixer, I write fanfictions which I post on Some time ago I had found someone who had taken the first two chapters of my story and posted them on the site Quizilla. There was a time when Quizilla was a fun, innocent site where I could find out what type of alcoholic beverage I was (strawberry dackery, actually), but then the site became infested will writer wannabes who posted sorry excuses for stories in horrible quiz format. This one member hadn't even tried hard enough to write their own story. Skimming through it, the 'author' note at the end of chapter two had them saying, "my fingers hurt from typing all that!", which made me mentally look at my whopping twenty eight chapters and rage, "no, MY fingers hurt from typing all THAT!". So I sent them a PM saying that if they failed to remove the story then I would report them to the administrators. They didn't do it, so I went and reported them, but it still took Quizilla nearly two months to have it taken off the site. Strangely enough, not long ago I got a review from someone who had first found my story on Quizilla, and hunted it down on fanfiction, since they liked it so much. I guess that's one good thing about that. So ignoring my ramble, I'm saddened to hear someone had been plagiarizing OCRemixes. I hope this punk gets what he deserves- a sever beating with a cheese grater. And a talking to about morals.