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    I am a dude that loves music, I play the Drums, and I sing... I also wish to persue a dual carrier in music and Christian Youth Ministry...
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  1. These are some of the best games ever made for the GBA, and they have a great soundtrack. They are most certainly worthy of a project, or at least more than the one mix that there is on this site... Someone please do more mixes of these games...
  2. The Bike theme was pretty good, and the Snowpoint Temple theme was good... those songs should be added to the list too...
  3. For some insane orchestral music, check out these two CD's Symphonic Rock (royal philharmonic Orchestra) and Michael W. Smith's "Freedom" they are great!
  4. Well, just on this site, you can look up The Wingless' "All the World in One Girl" and Jormungand's "Dark Star Scherzo" mixes... both are really good examples of piano and keyboards... Another place to look for piano stuff, orchestral and Christian style would be to look up Mark Schultz and Michael W. Smith... Michael W. Smith's "Freedom" cd is incredible! It's more orchestral, but it has good piano riffs in it, and it's really good music... Mark Schultz' "Letters from War" is a really good song to listen to also...
  5. yeah, seriously... but it seems like the music in games recently has really gone downhill... the music for Brawl was pretty good, but most of the other newer games have really sucky soundtracks... (in my oppinion)
  6. Most deffinitely! that game's music was awesome all the way around. The gameplay wasn't always the greatest, but the soundtrack helps overlook that... VGM is by far some of the best musical artistry out there today...
  7. This is by far one of the best games ever made for the SNES, and very deserving of a project, but with so many mixes out there already, how many people do you think would be interested in working on a game already heavilly mixed...? not to crush your dreams, it's just that I proposed the saame thing about a year back.. lolz
  8. Well- the music to magma rock pretty much sucks... to me anyway... but yeah- it's as if no one has even heard of them anymore... If I had the talents and equipment, I'd remix them myself, but seeing as I don't have that kind of talent... I'm SOL... lolz:tomatoface: The Ankhol Ruins Theme is also pretty cool...
  9. These games are completely under rated... From the first game, I personally would like to hear the Venus Lighthouse theme remixed. From the Second, The themes from all three rocks, and then the theme from Tundaria tower.. those would be great...
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