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  1. The results are now posted on http://www.squaresound.com, and zircon is the winner! Congrats zircon, I absolutely loved your arrangement and thought it was the most deserving to win (even though I wasn't a judge). Obviously, the real judges agreed with me. I've sent Zircon an email with all the details about the prizes. I want to thank Larry for doing an excellent job judging, David for helping us promote the competition and for providing the FF7:VOTL CDs, and all those in the community that participated. I truly appreciate it!
  2. This should be fixed shortly, but in the meantime, I adjusted the registration link to just send me an email. If anyone wants to register now, just send me an email at tim at squaresound.com and I'll get you registered. Please include your full name.
  3. Yep, things are back up with just a few bugs. The deadline for registering is now January 26th.
  4. The deadline will be extended. This was the absolute worst time for a server crash. I'm hoping to have everything up again today sometime, and I've already purchased a server from a more reliable company to replace this one. All PMs have been replied to, and I'll make sure you can all still enter. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Yes, our server has been down for the past 24 hours or so. Apparently, there's some kind of hardware issue that they're working on.
  6. We're not going to factor in production quality to this competition. However, one of our three judging categories is "personal tilt," so production quality could potentially factor into this category for some judges.
  7. Yeah, I apologize if some of you hoped to do collaborations, but I just don't feel like that would be fair to those who worked solo. If a tandem happened to win, I could just see some of the solo artists becoming upset. Obviously this community has some of the most talented arrangers around, so I'd love to see everyone register. I hope you understand the stipulation and I'm sorry if this shuts some of you out.
  8. Hey guys, Tim from SquareSound here. First off, thanks to DJ and Liontamer for helping out with this competition, it's really an honor to work with you guys and I truly appreciate your help and promotion. Basically, Liontamer's assessment is correct. That line was added to emphasize our rights to post the arrangement in our archives. We're not assuming rights of the piece submitted, and you may post your arrangement here or wherever you choose. Sorry for any confusion. I'll change the wording on the page. Thanks to those who enter. I'm really looking forward to hearing your finished work!
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