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  1. Sam, seriously dude! Make more music! I'm a huge fan of your Controller 1 album as well, some of the best chiptune music I've ever heard, no doubt. MORE MORE MORE MORE
  2. Make more stuff (like this). I've never been so entertained and encapsulated by a remix.
  3. Thanks, Rozovian! I was fairly unsure what to use for the instruments to be honest, but I'm not sure your acoustic suggestion would be the best for it. Hmm... I think I'll mess around with different samples, effects, etc; and I'll post the progress here. Thanks again -Skyler
  4. Hey everyone; This is generally my first OCRemix work that I've done, so I have no idea what type of feedback to expect from you guys. This WIP is based off of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles)'s invincibility tune. The synth solo I threw in there is hardly the final product at all, but I almost just added it temporarily to understand how long I was expecting it to be, and how I could use it. Anyways, please give me any critiquing! This is one of my first music pieces in all, so I really need comments. http://skytroniks.com/iNViNCiBLE.mp3 (1:41) Thanks a ton -Skyler
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