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  1. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    How Soccer Saved the Human Race

    First story video set in the fictional cybersoccer universe that ties together several of my albums, including an announcement at the end:
  2. I made this video in anticipation of this song one day being posted, in case anybody was curious where the title of the remix comes from:
  3. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    Nightly Shnabubula JAM streams

    well for anybody who missed it, I decided to go ahead and upload the full stream, I think I'll do that every night, it's easier than making a bunch of highlights, I used annotations with timestamps [also a comment with timestamps] to make it convenient to skip to all the real jam portions: Hope to see some more of you there tonight, 7PM EST!! So eino if you happen to wake up briefly then just stop in and say hi ha, I'm sorry that the time might be inconvenient, at the moment, this is the earliest I can manage to do on a consistent basis!
  4. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    Nightly Shnabubula JAM streams

    Hope this is okay to post about here, I apologize if I'm overstepping. Last week I came on stream almost every night and had fun messing around, jamming various vgm tunes as well as free form improvisations using different layering techniques and other stuff, it was so much fun that, seperate from the more formal "performance" streams I've done, I'd like to make this a regular thing, so to start, I'm gonna be trying at the very least for this week, but if it goes well, we can continue this indefinitely, an hour long jam stream, every night at 7PM EST @ I know there are rules about posting videos in gendisc, so I do this with caution, I just want to show an example or two of the kinds of thing you can expect on the streams however, I'd be okay if these videos are MOD-edited out of this post, so long as the stream link itself can remain. Those are examples of some vgm synthesizer jams, and here's an example of some alternate kind of just fun improvising, this was actually done live, on the stream I recorded both layers, in this video I just merged them together visually, so on stream those viewing saw it put together in two stages but it sounded just like this, only without the ghost shnabubula [mario kart time trial reference] i apologize again if it's not okay to post this here. Having been a long time community member and contributor I hoped it wouldn't be overstepping bounds, but if it is I completely understand. I'm just excited about this project and what to give as many people an opportunity to come in and hang out/be a part of it as possible. Already a lot of community members have stopped by to show their support, and it means a tremendous amount to me when I see an old familiar OCR username show up in the chat.
  5. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    New 16-bit JRPG Music (Americana Dawn)

    This will have to be discussed with the game director, as of yet I only have permission to release them in this format, as far as an official soundtrack album through bandcamp or something, that is possible, but not yet worked out. I'll definitely be pushing for something of that nature and I will give an update if we're able to move forward with that. Also, thanks a million for the support Shariq, really glad you enjoyed piano+violin versions!
  6. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    New 16-bit JRPG Music (Americana Dawn)

    I wrote an entire snes-style soundtrack with my own custom built sound-set a couple of years ago, for a game that at the time very closely resembed a real 16 bit JRPG. The game has since changed direction enough that this music will no longer be the best fit, but I just recently got permission to release that version of the soundtrack. I've been doing it 1 song at a time through my soundcloud. 18 are up now and more are coming soon. I think you guys will enjoy these. The square and enix OSTs from the 90s snes era are SUCH a hugely formative and inspirational thing to me, so getting to attempt this was a very powerful emotional experience and I'm really glad I got to do it.
  7. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    OCR03400 - Shenmue "The Phoenix Rises"

    So beautiful. Alex has gotten just ridiculously good.
  8. Just commenting so that the review thread will show up next to the remix who inspired this one's title, we had assumed they would be posted in the opposite order!
  9. give me "the castle" thank you
  10. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    Tides of Time - New original album from RoeTaKa

    I can confirm this album is more than worth the price. Every single track is something special. Not to be missed!
  11. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    Help! Name of this piano piece!

    is it this?
  12. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    The Official SNESology Thread - Sample Libraries Available!

    hey, it's a very easy fix, don't worry, I've done it for many soundsets since then, those were the early days when we didn't know what we were doing, add me on skype as "shnabubula" I use that for IM chat, best way to directly communicate.
  13. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    OCR Twitch Streamers

    If you can, please add to the OP that I stream every sunday piano performance at 4PM Eastern US time, been doing it every sunday at that time for the past 2 months, no plan on stopping so might as well put it there officially.
  14. Sam Ascher-Weiss

    The Official SNESology Thread - Sample Libraries Available!

    Yo Paul, this is really cool man, especially on a compositional level. Yours is probably the best use of secret of mana sounds I've heard outside the original soundtrack. I think your work here would be greatly and enhanced by a more accurate use of the sounds on a technical level themselves. Unfortunately the only secret of mana "soundfont" available, currently, and what you were using, was made back in the early days of snes sampling by blitz lunar, when openspc was the only option. Changing from 32khz to 41.1khz back then when exporting the samples from modules often would cause the looped portion of the samples to be out of tune with the attacks, as is especially the case with the first ripped secret of mana set and is pretty audible in your song, this is totally not your fault and would be easily fixable by just replacing with the correct samples. Also, squaresoft games in particular, had a very specific kind of filtered delay that again is very simple to replicate with the right settings, if you'd like I'd love to help convert your song to sound even more accurate, not just for like nitpicky anal reasons but I think it will sound even better that way as the writing itself, the compositional work you did on the track is really really neat and I just want it to shine even more. You mentioned doing evemore, not sure if you found this in your searches but, a couple years ago, I did a song with half sounds from secret of evermore, half from secret of mana, and it switches back and forth then combines. I actually used lunar's improperly ripped mana sounds for it at the time, I just avoided using samples with detuned loops as there was not yet a good way to fix it like there is now, though the DSP is a pretty accurate emulation of the original (only used during the secret of mana portions) and that helps give the sounds that special squaresoft ethereal ambiance. You can here that one here (secret of mana sounds start at 0:45):