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  1. What's good O.C... I've been a fan of this site for years myself and finally I get to submit some of my own remixes.. Word. So, I tried to upload one this morning, but it says my user id on the forums is required.... So yea, here's the newbie qustion. Where is it, cause I either don't see it or recognize it?... or maybe it's just not there. So yea... Bless me with some knowlege great ones. Thanks for having me here too!
  2. Hey, I'd like to submit a few traxx to your project. Granted I don't have anything posted up... and I'm not the most accomplished remixer in here. But I'd love to help. I have a myspace page if you want to hear some of my work even though I do more music production than anything. I figure it may be a good opprotunity to broaden my horizons a bit. My url is myspace.com/tharadikal. Peace mayn..
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