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  1. I loved Xenogears, and pretty much throughout the game it was set in a darker moodset. I love this piece because it puts a different spin on an already great song. I love how uplifting it is now, moreso than before. And yes, I get an epic, "we win!" feel from this song. Very nicely done! --Orlan--
  2. I quite agree, this is one of the better Prelude mixes. I'd say that away from the original, I like to listen to this one, just for its difference. And, of course, well done layout. Cheers! Download it, its worth it! =) --Orlan--
  3. (Spoiler about FFVIII ahead) Lol once playing the games( 8's ) plot doesn't make me sick. The same orphanage? Guardian forces making them lose their memories? lol please =P But I loved Aerith's and Celes' theme, but neither of them were in VIII lol. Nubuo just knows how to change a piece of music well, as do the people in this forum. =) --Orlan-- P.S. Seifer was the only cool character in the game btw, even if he did suck. ^.^
  4. I have loved every piece of FF music myself. Even the disaster that was 8 had an ok soundtrack (thanks to Nobuo). But I agree, my favorites have to be the Prelude, One Winged Angel, and Celes' Theme. This rendition, (thanks to DJP's warning not to expect the "norm" remix) was throughly enjoyed by myself because of how different it is from the other Prelude mixes. DJP was also right when he talked about the many takes on this song, but this mix seemed to bring something new to the table that sets it appart. Love the jazz breakdown at 2:04, giving the song even more flavor. Very well done,
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