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  1. Awesome job! I've never played this version of the game and still this just happenned to become one of my favorites remixes from the site since I joined years ago! Congratulations, keep up the good work!
  2. The project is really awesome, but there is a problem with the Flash Site, the bonus tracks that are played can't be find anywhere! There are 16 remixed songs in the flash site that are automactly played, but can't be found anywhere for downloads =[ They're not in the CD 1, CD 2 or either Special Disc =P Please, send the link to my e-mail or post a reply with the files! please Great Remixes! Bye! Here's a Image of the soundtrack being played (song "Run for your life, Knuckles (Demo)": There are really good songs in the flash player, some are just too short, but most of is worth it!