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    Im a gamer, really into First Person Shooters. Im a social person, i love hanging out with my friends for hours and hours, but the only thing better then all of that is knowing I never have to regret staying home from something or missing something because ill cope by producing music and on a different time, day, or month, when i listen to the music i made, i know i can never regret missing whatever i missed for it.
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  1. "Justin sees the world as a 2D sidescroller" rofl. How would that even work?
  2. alright,I was just wondering. I usually just hang out in vents, play TF2 or CSS or something, and share music. I just figured OCR might have a vent because of the music/gaming oriented vibe here. thanks for answering though
  3. Does it? Do you guys have a public ventrilo server or anything?
  4. Well, it wasn't rejected completely yes, BGC asked me to rework the sound that was sampled in the track because you aren't alowed to sample from the original track I believe. But 1 reformat and 2 studio upgrades later and its impossible to open the remix ( which was made in June 2008 ) anymore. Too many software issues to deal with making it very hard to edit the remix. Its kind of a dead end for me. I did make a Chrono Trigger Zeal (Corridor of Time) remix which I was planning on sending into OCR but I think you guys have enough Chrono Trigger mixes to go around. If you guys are interested however ill send in a proper email with the track. You can hear it here:
  5. Hey guys, Phrakture here. I just wanted to talk about an interesting experience in my life. Music production was just a small hobby of mine I started back in 2004 (I was 9 at the time). My brother had downloaded a very simple MIDI Studio program which I strung simple melodies through, experimented with different MIDI Synths with and so forth. Soon I discovered Looping and became very interested. A couple of months later my brother hooked me up with professional standard software which i've been using ever since. After 5 years of using and learning software music production I have finally had a strong acknowledgement. I've attempted a number of genres including Trip Hop, Drum & Bass, Chillout, Atmospheric Drum & Bass, Progressive House, Progressive Breakbeat, and Trance, but mostly Progressive House and Breaks. My goal is to bring the world a new age of unique, melodic, emotional, and atmospheric progressive music. I was recently signed to Polytechnic Recordings ( October 2008 ) and being just a freshman in highschool this has been my greatest acheivement yet. I've also been signed to Flextone Recordings and am about to be signed to Televisionary Recordings. I wanted to drop this by OCremix because OCR has helped inspire me alot aswell. Ontop of my favourite musicians I'd say I listened to a fair bit of OCR (alot of djpretzel, Mazedude, and Analoq's stuff) in these past couple of years. This site has just an incredible amount of talented musicians and I won't lie when I say i'm very VERY glad to have found this community. This community has such a professional style and appearance. I wanted to thank you guys at OCR, and hope to be able to be part of this community. I mean, what could be better than Video Games and Music? xD. This isn't the first time i've posted here. I participated in one of Zircon's remix contests back in November 07, and submitted a remix of an Unreal Tournament track (which was rejected due to me sampling part of the original song in the remix [fail on my part]). Incase you guys sparked an interest. You can check my stuff out at Im technically 15, my birthday was just a couple of days ago, but I havn't made anything new since so I'm still 14 in my music. If you want, add me on Xfire, my username is: phr4kture, or add me on Steam, my ID is: f1r3freak Thanks for reading, Cheers!
  6. Holy crap, honorable mention !... Thats more then great enough for me hah XD. This was my first major attempt at a remix whatsoever. I'm just a 13 year old canadian kid XD. Anyways, thanx again for such a great oppurtunity, and congrats to the 2 winners and the honorable mentioned. The winning mix for Mindbender was godly ill admit, but I still have Anso's and Skryps remixes on repeat on my Mp3 player. I havn't heard the winning mix for Warhead yet, but im pretty sure it will be awesome. So congrats again to all everyone. Since we are having a link fest, u can check out my remix (if u havn't already downloaded it from Zircon's link) and more music by me at
  7. Pineconeboy, you do not know HOW much i've looked on the internet for some good unreal tournament soundtrack remixes, its good to finally know im not the only one whos totally gay for the unreal tournament soundtrack =D. I'd be glad to be your saviour IF I could find some midi files of the soundtrack. Unreal tournament shaped my musical interest into what it is today. My favourite track was "Forgone Destruction". Not only was Facing Worlds a good map but half the time I only played it to listen to that awesome track. Anyways, I'm not good at additive remixing, or making a remix without any sort of building blocks from the song itself, but if you could find me midi files for some of the songs, i'd spend hours on end making a remix for you