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  1. This remix came on my Winamp at the exact moment I was opening an e-mail saying that my paper had been accepted for a conference. Basically, that's a big deal. It was the perfect soundtrack to make me feel heroic.
  2. Really digging this track and I'm always delighted to see more UT remixes, but I'm not sure why people keep going for the least interesting tracks from the game when there is stuff like Phantom, Cannonade, The Course, Razorback, Run, etc.
  3. Swoot! (Phantom, Phantom!!) Also, for the edification of other potential remixers here, how did you personally deal with the format issue? Did you do your remix entirely in a mod format and then just convert it to mp3?
  4. Maybe they changed it in the GOTY edition. It's totally the Deck 16 music in mine. GoDown really is a good track, but after spending months on Deck-only servers I got kind of tired of it. I'm remembering having this same technical conversation before, now that you guys are mentioning it - how it's difficult to remix mod files. So if you had the files in midi, it would be workable? I mean obviously they wouldn't sound the same, but you're just going to remix it anyways... It seems like there must be somebody around here who knows how to convert a mod file to midi.
  5. I'm a very staunch UT fan, have been involved in tournaments and clan play and all that jazz for like 7 years now, and I was very happy with the basic gameplay of this iteration. It's definitely as much pure fun as I'd hoped for, especially in Capture the Flag and 1v1. Unfortunately, the game was pretty much released as a beta (by FAR the worst release of the series) and the community was DOA. IMHO Epic really has been going steadily downhill in terms of their regard for releasing a top-notch, polished product. Now hardly anybody plays it, which makes me sad because it has a lot of potential, but I don't see that the situation is likely to change. Maybe if they tweak some stuff, add some stuff, and re-release the game in a year like with UT2003>UT2004 the community might have a chance. I got my $50 out of UT3 and I'd shell out for a retooled version next year if it means getting to play a polished game with a decent community.
  6. I have most of Protricity's mixes and I have to say, this is definitely my favorite one. It seems to be perfectly balanced in all aspects - not too long or too short, just chill enough, adds just the right amount of creative ideas to the original tune without going too far out into left field, and it oozes style. Was my favorite DKC remix until Disco Dan's Riptide came along, but once I get tired of Riptide this may very well unseat it again. Definitely in the topmost echelon of VG Remixes.
  7. Well, I posted a thread like four years ago requesting UT remixes, but a forum search doesn't find anything so I guess it's all right to bring it up again. Upon returning from the peace corps a few months ago, I was overjoyed to see that someone had actually posted a UT remix, although unfortunately of one of my least favorite tracks (primarily because it's on too many maps, especially Deck 16, which was overplayed in the first place). But that's neither here nor there. BigGiantCircles, if you ever need a willing partner to bear your manbabies I'd be happy to oblige. So moving on to the present, I was looking forward to some good official classic track remixes with UT3, but other than in the menus, the game has a "dynamic" music function that changes things according to what's going on in the match, and for me that cocks everything up. I want to just listen to a great track as I frag, not hear it change every goddamn time I get a kill or pick up the flag or a powerup. On the bright side, there are still gobs of awesome tracks from the original UT that are begging to be remixed. I am not a remixer and don't pretend to understand the mechanics of how it works, but UT's tracks strike me as being perfect candidates for it; such as the menu theme, Phantom, Cannonade, Into the Darkness, Razorback, Colossus, and others. So anyways, for what it's worth, I'd be best friends forever with anyone that makes some more UT remixes. Or even just one. :>
  8. Don't post much anymore, but I just wanted to say this track kicks unbelievable amounts of ass. Probably my favorite VG remix so far, and I have heard a lot. I wish bandwidth here wasn't such an issue so I could listen to this kind of thing in a higher bitrate mp3 or ogg.
  9. I actually like the original better than this piece too. Tho to be fair it's hard to beat some of the tradcks from any DKC. I also tend to agree that Blue Vision is a better remix of this track. Not to say it's bad or anything, but just decent.
  10. I sort of disagree with the people saying it's a big improvement over the original. IMHO this track was already a very beautiful and atmospheric piece, so it's kind of hard to go wrong. Still a great remix though.
  11. Man I agree totally. I was just waiting for all hell to break loose. The song mostly chugs along at about the same level of excitement... a simple thing like dynamic change at the end when all the building starts to come together would make it that much cooler. And overall, amazingly good work.
  12. Unbelievable. This one makes me want to pee my pants it's so good. The 2.5 words that come to my mind are 'omfg, totally epic.' I don't post here much although I do download a lot of remixes, and I had to come and comment on Assembly line Apparitions. Bravo, Protricity. Masterful.
  13. What happened to the other thead? Did it get deleted altogether? Or am I just blind? edit: definitely blind
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