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  1. Holy crap, this thread isn't four years old or anything! I got an email notification since I'm still "subscribed" to this thread and was flabbergasted for a minute there lol It's a crime to not have a remix of this music. OCRemix needs more Wrecking Crew!
  2. This mix hit pretty close to home for me, especially after I read the inspiration. My family and I used to play Zelda games together, but my father wouldn't let me play Zelda II until I learned how to read. So I did. The simplicity of it is almost overwhelming. Reminds me of what Square did with FFIX's opening theme. Can't get enough. Excellent work.
  3. I posted about this one a couple years ago. Figured I'd give it another shot. Game didn't have many tracks to it, but the ones I'd like to hear remixes for are the overworld theme, bonus stage, invicablility music, and maybe even the boss battles, though that one's rather short.
  4. Actually there's three. The normal music, the super hammer mode music, and the bonus level music. All are definate winners, and would make great remixes.
  5. Another classic that I haven't found on the request forums yet. Not looking for anything specific in terms of which track. It doesn't have many anyway. Figured I'd put this one out there.
  6. One of my all-time favorite oldschool games. Not looking for anything specific in terms of sound or a specific song (not too many in the game to begin with). Just wanted to put the idea out there. I've been a fan of OCRemix for years. Many thanks for all of your hard work for not only the music, but also the site.
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