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    I'll keep it simple: Been a gamer since age 3 (first game was zelda). Been an anime fan since before it was coming out on cartoon network (when sailor moon, and dragonball were on local channels not cable). Actually even before that since i used to watch anime when i would visit relatives in Mexico and they get anime there before even the U.S, which i don't know but that seems kinda sad to me. Music I'll listen to anything except country, certain metals (thrash metal, speed metal, etc) or pop. I want nothing to do with any one of those genres. Thats me in nutshell i guess.
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  1. Im reposting this, since for some reason it was deleted. Not sure why, I just can't find my original post. In anycase, i'd like to request a re-mix of Senryo Kyoshiro's theme from Samurai Showdown. I think it would be a great track. Especially in the hands of a Trance remixer (such as blind or FFmusicdj?).
  2. This track is bangin. Its like that first breath of cool 7am air. Pretty cold, but you dont mind because you obviously enjoy the cold. At least I do. In any case, i think this is a good track. You do have room to add more to it, but then again i suppose thats why its in this category because its a 'work in progress', haha. Keep it rollin.
  3. I wanna give it a shot, since im kinda sure i can do it, but i think the link to the song file might be broken. Maybe its just me, im not sure. If you could just email the file that would help too. Or let me know of an alt link.
  4. I was playing samurai showdown at an arcade a while back, and i started thinking that for years ive thought the music from the game was great. Which got me thinking even more...why hasn't anyone here tried to remix a track from that game. Especially the theme for Senryo Kyoshiro's stage, that would be just awesome. Or even for Tachibana Ukyo would be pretty sweet too. So i guess that's my request right there. All the tracks i like from here i put in my pod and ive been waiting for a remix of the original tracks i already have there. Thanks for your time, whoever read this and actually considers it. - Buddha
  5. This was a really great remix. I've always held a certain fondness for the game and the music in it, and this captures the cooldowns (is that a word?) of the game just perfectly. I've downloaded your work to my ipod before so i wasn't surprised when i heard how well this piece came out. Keep up the goodwork, my ipod yearns for more great music haha. I'm positive this will get voted to be kept.
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