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  1. thank you all for your ideas and opinions, it has been very helpful, this has turned out to be a good topic, lets keep this rolling, very interesting stuff, the soundtrack to a good game is very important to me, i think its very important to alot of people, even if they dont know it, like on a sub-conscious level, thanks
  2. Hi everyone, im studying sound design technology and i am doing a report on 'The Importance of sound track for computer games. I was about to start but i thought it would be really cool to see what you guys think, im not doing this to make my report easier, i just want to make it a more 'rounded report', if you have any views, please share, Thanx, Chris C
  3. hello you wonderful people, Im new to this place, so i would just like to introduce myself: My name is Christopher Carvalho and i am a Sound Design student @ the Uni of Hertfordshire, UK. My involvement in music started when i was 15, dicking around with various software programs, i have since studied music tech and started learning electric guitar, my strong points are sampling and synthesis, but i am trying to broaden my knowledge with conventional approaches to music compositon/production. I would love to discuss all that is musical with musicians of any kind, thank you for this wonderful place, Chris
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