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  1. I added everyone from the top of the database down to Neo Samus and only gave PMs to those who asked for them. Try to get the rest later I suppose.
  2. I added my friend code to the database but I'm probably not gonna stand a chance against any of you guys. But I'm not saying I suck either so I don't know where I'm going with any of this...
  3. I can't even get into a game. It never finds anyone fo me to play. If this is how the online is gonna act then that's some ol' bull shit because I was looking forward to playing online P.S. My friendcode is 0903-2415-5914, I play as Snake and Falco and sometimes Dedede, even though I'm no good with him...
  4. I unlocked Sonic by beating Classic mode 10 times, each with a different character and I unlocked Snake by playing on Shadow Moses 15 times. I sorta cheated and looked up videos on youtube on how to unlock characters. I'm happy about Snake, he is the easiest character to main and he's pretty damn good too. EDIT: I meant to ask this earlier but does it usually take a helluva lot of time to find people to fight online or is it just my connection
  5. Does anyone know if you can still make black holes and if the infinate super scope ammo trick still work in Brawl?
  6. oppoppo


    I can understand exactly where you're coming from because I have a friend that has the same opinion as you. But it's more of the viewers opinion to justify what's an anime and what isn't, not where the show originates from, even if Japan DOES make the best anime.
  7. oppoppo


    I know Heavy Metal is American, who the hell couldn't tell. If it was Japanese it would be Heavy Techno-Pop or something. But it's still anime for it's style, the same thing for Aeon Flux and The Boondocks. I second that. I always liked Piano Black, the one that goes "Where's you messiah, w00t" (Blue I think it's called), and 24 HOURS OPEN. EDIT: I just uploaded 24 HOURS OPEN to youtube because no one had it on there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHDw1dteigA
  8. oppoppo


    All I can say is Cowboy Bebop has to be the greatest anime ever. Jet has the best anime personality and dub I've ever seen/heard. Tough macho dude and stern, but still cooks, does chores, and takes care of everyone and everything. The others were so damn ungrateful. EDIT: Anyone seen Heavy Metal or Heavy Metal: 2000, they're FUCKING AWESOME
  9. Does the motion sensor still look like the 007 one, if not Sakurai is getting a falcon punch to the face. And how do those things work where Snake talks to Otacon and Mei Ling, does it just interrupt battle or is it before match? And one more thing... they shoulda put the breakdancing Kirby trick from Air Ride in Brawl.
  10. Ah, thanks much. I was a lil disappointed at first but I got over it since there is a slight chance that everyone else (or at least Falco) might have their english Assault voice because of Krystal.
  11. I've heard that the same voice actress that does Krystal in Star Fox Assault does Krystal in Brawl. Does anyone know if she's an assist trophy or if she just talks like when you do that trick in Melee with Fox or Falco on Corneria.
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