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  1. Hey, long time lurker here. Just want to add how excited I am for this project, and how sorry I am that this whole Kickstarter thing is causing a ruckus. I'm glad to have a way to support the site AND get a hard copy of what looks like the best album yet. Hopefully you guys don't run into any major legal issues or anything.
  2. Long time lurker here, just logging in to say this track is amazing. Great mix from the final boss music to Cave Story? With great vocals? Yeah, it's everything I ever wanted.
  3. I'd love to see this mix finished too! I really like Phendrana Drifts...
  4. Nice work Proto, and the title is sheer genius.
  5. This song failed to impress me, but I liked Rhymes with Elixir. Neither song made much progress in buildup of the music itself (not counting lyrics) in my book, they just stagnated through the mix. I suppose that's part of the reason I don't like rap in general; It just doesn't seem to ever reach of a crescendo. However, at least Rhymes with Elixir had a lot of effort put into the lyrics. They were clever and original, and stood out from any other rap in history (probably because they were based on Final Fantasy 4. I don't think anyone else had ever tried that before then). These lyrics w
  6. Hello everyone, Last Light here. I have been lurking around OCR for several years without posting anything (even a good ways before my account was created). Now, however, I need help, and I think you guys might have some answers for me. I need to find a good quality computer microphone, one that could be used for things such as video reviews without sounding like utter crap. Obviously, I'm not the richest guy around, so price is a factor as well. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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