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  1. not sure if i'm going off topic here, but can you play this game with a 360 or ps3 controller for the pc version? if you have been doing so maybe you can hit me up a pm with directions as to how or reply here if its allowed.
  2. oh the nostalgia, I've played maplestory back in the year 2005, on and off, the many hours of grinding on this track brings back a lot of memories. the synths, the acoustics, the melody, and vibe is just fantastic. top notch stuff. It is relaxing and very pleasant to listen to on any occasion. A job well done.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO8xvTy-12k&feature=player_embedded#! just stumbled upon this today and thought i share cheer's to creativity and efforts of fandom. Show some love to the creator when you can so enix....where's our remake? better yet where's versus
  4. Its a video with a list of profiled people affiliated with the gaming industry, giving their thoughts of why they love Japan and how much they have contributed to the gaming world. The video provides awareness of the many great contributions of the Japanese people and how much they need our help right now, so please donate whatever amount you can to redcross or their site http://www.gamersheartjapan.com/. Also this thread is an open discussion of what you like about Japan. Your most liked game and game designer and if you like to add, your thoughts of how Japan made the gaming industry what it is today.
  5. Apparently there is a starcraft, warcraft theme park being built in china called joyland. It might be some stupid prank, but their main website looks pretty legit http://joyland.ccjoy.com/main.html The section of the park devoted to starcraft will be called Universe of Starcraft. The section for warcraft will be called Terran of Warcraft. Those are just rough translations though. here are some short articles that include concept arts and more info. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-02-08-warcraft-starcraft-theme-park-real http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/107624-Is-China-Building-a-Warcraft-and-Starcraft-Theme-Park Its not sure whether this is legal or if Blizzard actually have anything to do with this. Heck it might be some virtual world for all we know... Though the concept of a theme park based on a game such as Starcraft and Warcraft seems pretty cool, I would really like to see how this turn out; could be awesome or a disaster. Well if anything the bgm is pretty neat...
  6. Lately I have been looking for some nice relaxing music like chillout music or smooth jazz, etc but I am having troubles finding any decent ones. I came across Jazeboo's recent album Havana Moon. and I was blown away by the variations of songs that I found very pleasant to the ears. I was wondering if anyone could recommend artists with similar styles or remixes on the site. If you haven't heard of Jazeboo i recommend visiting their site Jazeboo.com. Great stuff.
  7. i was thinking about getting a ps3 and i wanted to know if you could use a ps1 memory card for the ps3. It would be really great so I don't have to restart from scratch. I know you have to use an adapter to transfer saves for the old ps3 model but I'm not sure if it'll work for the slim. also if the adapter works for the slim, can anyone recommend me a good one? thanks in advance.
  8. wow, what are the odds that two fan-made shorts released in the same week, both very superb, and scary similar in presentation, the fighting was better and longer in beginnings end but legacy wins in VFX category imo
  9. awesome would be an understatement for this =D, also it's endorsed by Capcom, how cool is that.
  10. haven't heard the source, its a bit low to hear at times, other than that the quality is pretty good, when the electric guitar came in i thought it was going to rock out and didn't expected it to end so quickly as if you were teasing us =O, maybe you could expand on that part more it was really good. had another thing going on at 1:50 with the choirs and ended quickly yet again... started to get good near the end with the guitars and ended fast again.....Its as if you have these nice ideas going on but can't really expand on them i advise you to add a little more arrangements at 1:19, 1:50, 2:04 (with the solo acoustic) after that nice job at 2:24 to 3:22, best part out of the whole song imo. i bet some people are going to criticize your slow beginning, but i thought it was pretty good has a nice mystic feel for it. overall very potential piece you have here, can't wait for an update.
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, so if it isn't, then feel free to move it. So I came across this title in the review forums from one of Fatty Acid's mix, and i tried looking it up but couldn't find the mix. I also have no way of contacting Fatty Acid since, he left no email and his last activity being in 2006. so i'm wondering if anyone has the mix and could upload it, or contact me through pm. thanks in advance. once again sorry if this is in the wrong forum >.<
  12. Just curious if anyone's heard about this game, seems interesting and Dark. From what I know they made a seperate game for each console. Nier Gestalt for the 360 and Nier RepliCant for the Ps3. Gestalt features a Burly protagonist trying to save his daughter from some sort of a virus. RepliCant features your typical jap protagonist trying to save his sister. It's an action Rpg. Also on a sidenote does anyone know what genre of music the bgm of the main site falls in? Japanese site: http://www.square-enix.co.jp/nier/ Global Site: http://www.niergame.com/
  13. As a fan of the ps1 era of music, especially the rpg types, I have to say you definitely captured that ps1 feel of music. They don't make music like they use to, I'm not sure whether I'm basing this off nostalgia or whatever, but just listening to this whole album, i definitely got the sense that it felt like it came from the mid 90's. Great work, wish i could comment on each song individually, unfortunetly i'm booked the whole day. Thanks for sharing, always enjoyed your work.
  14. i completely agree, this has got to be one of the most complex piano arrangement mix i have ever heard. i've first heard this mix back in 2004 and i still listen to it till this very day. starting the mix with the water drop was brillant it gives you that sense of calm and peace. the slow build up into the main theme was phat stuff. nothing short of a masterpiece i have to say. highly recommended on a sidenote when will we see your next mix????? =OOOO
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