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  1. I really would just love to have it as soon as possible. I liked how the voices of the life stream release was so they should do it like that. For those who don't know that they can choose which files they want to download either split it into two separate torrents or make a note before the download that informs them.
  2. I got the album a while back but I was never able to get the last half of the special disk. I saw the solution for fixing the songs but I still have one problem with groove basin. Whenever I try to re encode it the last 30 or 40 seconds are just a strait line. I can hear the song perfectly fine in multiquence but when I save it as audio and playit on anything the section thast is a line does not come out the same as when it is played in multiquence. any suggestions. (It is my favorite part of the song by the way:D )
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