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  1. I always liked my sound samples due to the fact they sound very real. Sounds good. Any sample sets, programs, or soundfonts you can recommend?
  2. Fleshed out the ending and more drums.
  3. An almost done piece. I just want to gather a few comments before I finish it up, such as are the transitions rough at all or should any part be cut out? My biggest decision is how to end this. Should I go back to the original theme or stick with the Saturos Battle theme? Thanks for taking the time to listen. Sources: Mega Man X5 - "X vs Zero" Golden Sun - "Set Sail" Golden Sun - "Battle Against Saturos" http://www.prism.gatech.edu/~gth669h/Duel%20of%20the%20Heroes.mp3
  4. Well, Fire Emblem was fun enough. I'll try my hand at this one as well.
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