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  1. Still 3 open tracks? Hasn't it been that way for a number of months now? With this deadline in place is the project going to be submitted whether those tracks are claimed or not?
  2. Yeah. I'm still using it. I'd like to get a new computer, but there isn't much money to my name. Still, it's getting the job done.
  3. Fear not! I just got my computer's ram upgraded and am back on track for mixing greatness! 2 GB > 512 MB. Maybe my computer won't chug on FL as much now.
  4. I tried rendering the drums again, but the "disable poly max" box was highlighted by default. The wav still had the same problem. Right now I'm rendering the file with the cut and cut by boxes set to no value. Edit: That didn't work either.
  5. I'm using a soundfont from soundfonts.it. It's called "Good Rocky Drum". The soundfont player I'm using is the FL soundfont player. To try to describe the problem more specifically. When I render the .wav file the drums sound exactly like they do in the project file until they reach a certain point in time in the remix. For a few seconds, certain hits in the rendered wav seem to have disappeared. For these few seconds, the sound has this almost warbled quality. Everything after this point with the rendered drums turns out fine as well. Here's a link to a picture that I sent a friend of mine to look at. The picture is of the separate project file I made just to see if rendering the drums in a separate project file would solve the issue. The person I sent this too said that it could be that I exceeded max polyphony for the render and to crank it up. I don't know what that means though. I hope this information is helpful
  6. So, I've got this awesome WIP I want to send in for the Link's Awakening remix project, but when I render the file everything comes out fine except for the drums of a particular soundfont in a few specific seconds of the piece. I thought that maybe my laptop was overburdened and rendered the drums separately in a completely different project file by themselves. No dice. Same problem in the same place. The drums playback fine in FL too. I compared the files. I've even tried doing a wav out recording in audacity. That really took away some of the sound quality and dynamic range from the drums though. I'm using FL7 and exporting in wav format (44.1khz, 16 bit rate). Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for your input on this. I just got an email from a friend of mine who shares some of the same thoughts you do about the mix, and he doesn't like lots of the samples I used. Unfortunately, everything I have except for FLStudio is free, and I have no music budget. I did record the lines about italians myself. That was fun. I even looked in the Mario 64 manual to see if Mario officially turns into metal when he puts on the cap. There was no word on it, so I figured I wasn't betraying canon. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the things you pointed out.
  8. Update! I have come back to this song and added a lot of flair to it. There is a lot more melody arranged in with everything else I had before plus some other new stuff. All comments and constructive criticism are welcome. The file is a 320 kbps mp3 file. I've played the wav and this back to back, and the mp3 file doesn't sacrifice too much. http://uploadingit.com/d/IOGGDGULMJLSNDS0
  9. Thanks for your input neblix. I guess if I want this mix to be submittable, I'll have to make the melody more dominant. It's just one of the most repetitive melodies in the history of games. It's fun, sure, but it's damn short. The other Mario theme you heard was probably the starman theme as the original Metal Mario track is that tiny melody on top of the starman theme. That's all there is to it, so the liberalness of the track felt necessary. I'll probably come back to it eventually.
  10. Hey guys, I've been picking up a lot of tricks of the trade when it comes to mixing over the past couple of months. You'll be hearing me at least twice on the Link's Awakening project that's in the works, but one of my mixes that I worked on prior to really understanding more fundamentals was this Metal Mario mix. I auditioned for the Mario 64 project and got rejected as the judge thought that I didn't include enough source material. Unfortunately for me, I completely disagree. The original Metal Mario piece has very little source to create a melody from, even less than a catchy gameboy tune. So, I have to ask, if I polish this up, do you guys think it's worth submitting? Here's the track: http://uploadingit.com/d/LXZ8GTYOW5WVYT3N Thanks for your feedback.
  11. I would also like to echo Obtuse's congratulations to Theophany. These are the first mixes of Tail Cave on OCR since 2000 (http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00102/), so these takes are definitely going to be fresh. Scott Peeples' mix from back in the day is still worth listening to if you have not done so though. A nice hard-drivin' mix.
  12. Hey guys, I just want to let you know that seeing as this project has been around since dinosaurs walked the earth, I'm definitely considering doing another song on this project. I don't consider myself the best production guy ever, but I've picked up a few things since I finished my first mix for this project. In fact, on the first track I did I got a lot of input from Brad along the way, although the song is still my own. At this point in time, I've started to become a capable composer and producer on my own (Input from others is always helpful though). So, I also see some opportunity here to showcase a period of growth for me as an artist. I've got other stuff I'm working on at the moment, but if this project is still around when I finish my current work, I am coming back on.
  13. Does anyone know where to find a midi or sheet music for the ballad/end theme? I've figured out that the first minute is essentially ballad of the windfish, but figuring out the structure of the rest of the piece is more difficult. I can't make out many of the lower harmonies.
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