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  1. Did you do a lot of creating in LBP1+2? Those were arguably my favorite games on PS3. I spent a lot of time making vehicles. Not sure how the bird is going to work in LBP3, though, seeing as it pretty much defeats every "platforming" challenge. My PS3 came with LBP and Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Thus my love for both franchises was born. I would love to see them put the charm of R+C into a full-length film.
  2. Zellfreid

    Sony PS3

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It is my favorite game. I've never felt so strongly in or about a game as I did that one. Got the Collector's Edition back in 2012. Finally got all Trophies for Flower a few weeks ago. Working on Flow.
  3. Thank you, sir! You fixed that pretty quickly, says I. Appreciated.
  4. What was the April Fool's joke? Edit: On second thought, I guess I can just look that up.
  5. I see. Never would have thought of that. How do you know what you are digging through? That just seems way too confusing. But no worries, not interested in that.
  6. I DLed my first pack yesterday. It was a 256x256 texture pack. Awesome. And I can only assume what you mean by transparent textures; I don't know how that would be an advantage at all...
  7. Can you play online with texture packs or do you have to switch back to default?
  8. I didn't realize how many craters existed already... I have a mind to just start fresh somewhere else with a different idea. Crowbar, do you have the tools to flatten or remove the one I started? If so, I'll head out further from civilization and start new.
  9. Hey, good deal. I took a look around for about a minute, but my desktop isn't fast enough to run smoothly. I'll have to check out the area later on my laptop and stake a claim. I looked at the map a few days ago, and the surface looks really cool. I dig the highway connecting everything.
  10. Appreciated. I expected it to take a little while, though. I'd like to contribute more to the forums (I'm really only in two threads right now) since being gone for so long, but the end of this quarter has kept me truly occupied with studying. I haven't had much time to browse around yet.
  11. So, I thought about it, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to try for it. I'm encouraged after seeing how many people have accomplished this. Guess I'll start off like bLiNd did and try to speed through normal first.
  12. I'll take it. So, I have yet to face these squids... Any advice?
  13. DUDE. Thank you SO MUCH. All of my dreams... Hahah, but seriously. Thank you. I've been waiting since my childhood to see that. Also, I guess I did have the gloves, too. I hope you guys still try for it, though. I'd love to have that trophy under my belt. (Mixing phrases?)
  14. I hope you take up that challenge! I'd take XZero's advice and use save states. Good luck, and save us some shots.
  15. Well, I guess I'll hang around for a while and get reacquainted. I haven't been here regularly since the removal of unmod forum.
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