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  1. I believe I just made my biggest mistake last night when I said "Old people don't want to listen to Aretha Franklin, they hated our 50's set." in front of a bunch of old people on a gig. Turns out they want to hire my band for a different fuinction
  2. Hey Everyone, I've been lurking around the OCR forums off and on since 2002. I've had a few account names over the years, due to not remembering who I was or what my pass was, but none were ever important. Anyways I joined up this time in hopes of working with some people on remixing some songs. I figure there's gotta be at least one person around here who can lay down some funky beats and wants a little sax lovin' too. I play "professionally" (as professinal as one can get in a boring, cultureless, small town) so I can definitely hold my own. I'm not very music software savvy, but I figure wi
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