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  1. Oh, the earlier days, when UnMod nearly became 4Chan. Back when the forums would muster the trolling might of OCRAPS (OverClocked ReMix Anti-Plagiarism Squad) whenever some brat on YouTube would claim an OCR as their own work. Fun times.
  2. Some time ago I posted a list of all my Nintendo Power issues in the For Sale thread. The deal was they'd be free to a good home, you only pay shipping. If there's any interest, I'd be happy to go through and list all my issues for those interested in adopting them. Is there any interest in the community? I'd rather they go to someone who would appreciate them than to the recycling center.
  3. I've been playing since about the game was released (Name: Hexenmeister), and I am still not great. I can grab and occasionally even cap a flag, and I do well in base defense. I think my hardware hold me back a bit, because even after stripping down the graphics and the HUD, my frame rate can get pretty choppy. So sniping is certainly out of the question.
  4. Imagine my surprise, while I listened to NPR's Morning Edition, half awake in bed, when I heard about a group of "thousands of people who gather to celebrate their appreciation of classic video game music." I never though I'd hear NPR reporting from the VGM event of the year. From Mega Man to Final Fantasy, Live Video Game Music - NPR
  5. The camera has been sold, or is on hold for the buyer.
  6. one [1] Friendship, as promised. :D

  7. Most people wouldn't care one way or the other. Though Mormons are proportionately the largest population in Utah, numerically they're outnumbered by non-mormons. Individually they're just like anyone else and most are pretty normal (even by non-Utahn standards). It's just that if you get a bunch of them together, some can get pretty self-righteous. Like any religious group they have their share of loud, outspoken wackos, but most are nice. Happy Valley is just where the more self-righteous ones tend to congregate.

  8. Eh. Well i'm staying there for about two weeks so I hope I don't get affected by it.

    Also is it true I will get shunned if I say i'm not mormon? {Not being discriminting here... Just what people have told me}

  9. It's hard to explain. Everything is so...fake? Too clean? It's like a county of clean cut, Brady Bunch astroturf. It just feels very twilighty...like that show about that zone (what was it called?).

    Maybe it's just because I grew up to be a liberal thinker in the most conservative state in the nation, but the place just freaks me out. 0_o

  10. I was down in orem last summer, But I didn't get a chance to actually go around and sightsee.

    ...How exactly is it weird?

  11. Yep, I'm a heathen gentile. ^_^

  12. I'm afraid I wouldn't know of places around BYU. That's down in the depths of Utah County (a.k.a. Happy Valley, a.k.a. Stepford County), where I rarely tread. If you make it up to SLC, that's a different story.

    Utah County is...weird.

  13. Yeah, I have a few friends that go. I might be able to get some video game soundtracks there, but it probably doesn't get any closer to actual game music concerts than that. Ah well. I take it you are not Mormon just as I'm not, correct?

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