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  1. Thanks for your comments, btw, I usually listen organ music, and I love pipe organ, I know that my song is not realistic, but I don't know where to get some nice church organ VSTi, or software. The one'sample that I used in Reason 4 was the best organ sample... That's why I can't do my best to remix this song. I'm sorry for posting my tune on youtube, I was just a preview for you... Because I planned to remake this orchestration better than now ! darkmaster987 >> There's no point in getting excited about this... Stay calm, everything will be better
  2. Hello everyone, I am a new French user in this forum (so my apologies for my English) I recently made an orchestrated version of "Inside Ganon's Castle" (because I really love this song and other ganon's theme) with Reason 4 and Adobe Audition. I arranged the MIDI file of this song, and this is the final result (however I regret I can't add some choirs, with Symphonic Choirs for example, it would be great). Here the link: (Youtube has slightly distorted the quality of the sound ) I hope you will enjoy my first rendition. I really love OCRemix for all their stuff! Critics are welcome Hoping
  3. Very nice music! I loved the use of the organ, good job. Do you know where can I find the sheet for Catastrophe in MIDI format, if possible? Thank you again if you can help me
  4. What a great arrangement! That was absolutely epic, magic and simply amazing. It's hard to believe... How did you compose this song? This game makes me so nostalgic, this is one of my favourite song from this OST, and I also like Kefka's character. Great use of choir, in the second part I loved the use of organ (my favourite instrument). I recently devote time to music, especially classical music, video games music and I learn the piano, that's why I have a long trail to clock up your skill and your level. You have a great talent, I was waiting for a piece like this for years. I wish you good
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