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  1. Are any of you guys doing National Novel Writing Month? (nanowrimo.org) I'm afraid writing a 50,000 word book in a month will cost me all the spare time I have (and more) for November, so it looks like I'm out for this round. (Though I'm not much of a poet anyways...) Oh, and congrats to SoulinEther. That was quite the work you did.
  2. Yay for last minute entries =D They were all great too. This'll be a tough decision...
  3. Here's my entry. A story that I never bothered to name. Let's call it... Uh... "The Mind's Prison" “Do you think he’ll ever wake up, doctor?” I asked, looking at the limp body of my friend. He’s been in a coma for several days now. His vital signs are still strong, but he continues to lie on that bed, his eyes perpetually closed. “I’m sorry Ms. Walters, but it’s up to him now. We’re doing everything we can to keep him alive. He just has to fight.” “C’mon Isaac… you can pull through. I know you can,” I whispered as I walked away. My eyes were
  4. Sure they can. And that too could be an entry, no? Haha, a never ending loop of critiquing critiques. This could be amusing...
  5. like a radiant campfire, warming every heart lucky enough to feel its warmth, like the shimmering moon, sometimes brightening the darkness, sometimes leaving nothing, like a young kitten with a ball of yarn, completely contempt with the simple pleasures, like a blank page, full of promise with so much to become, like the greener grass on the other side of the fence, as intricate as a diamond (and just as stunning), like the first snowfall of winter, so pure and delicate, like a flickering shadow, full of unpredictable, mysterious movements, like the very universe itsel
  6. Well congratulations SoulinEther, that was a good story. That was a close round though, wish more people voted... So now that it's over, critique?
  7. I vote three, if not just to allow this one to go through. Though another entry would be nice. Is it against the rules to get a friend to submit anything, just so it would be four? So long as it's not rigging the voting, it's allowed right?
  8. I love writing, and thought that I'd see what I can improve. So here's my first entry: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dctkqp7r_0hs5ptphj Unfortunately, it's too long to fit on a post.... Critique is welcomed! Thanks.
  9. Problem loading page... Wah.... I've been waiting forever for a Fever mix.
  10. No More Heroes is pretty much the most awesome game on the Wii. Ever. Metroid Prime 3 isn't bad either...
  11. There is one word that can describe that: WIN! Ahahaha... that's pretty funny. You're right, it's not that great music wise but it's good for sh*t's n' giggles. Nice job.
  12. It's pretty good. I've always been fond of the song. Your take on it is quite similar to the original, with the exception of the altered note and some rhythms. Overall, it's pretty good. A bit repetitive, but still tolerable. I think I heard a mistake somewhere in there... Just improve some parts a bit and you've got yourself a good song.
  13. Either way, Nintendo's gone out and said that that's where it stands on the timeline... I think...
  14. Nickel for every time I heard that one... Also, some people are saying that Hunters could have taken place almost anywhere on the Metroid timeline. This isn't true. It's been said that it takes place in between Prime 1 and 2. This is supported by the fact that the ship is the same one used in Prime, before she changed over to the rounder one in 2.
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