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  1. Dang, it's been like three and a half years since I posted here. I must be getting old.
  2. That's what happens if your posts aren't good enough to preserve forever.
  3. Sometimes you do. I've just been busy. EDIT: Also, AC is out in Europe and I've got a copy. Name: Smoke Town: Crysta Friendcode: 2406-8884-7176 Fruit: Peach
  4. For those of you who can't make it today, we could also schedule something in Lake Tahoe, or later in Mariposa. Or even in Vegas.
  5. Well, place and time have been decided upon(Mainly due to the schedule being pretty much fixed, and me heading to the airport in like 3 hours) Saturday, september 15th. Be at 353 Jefferson Street around 11 AM and look for a guy in a white OCR shirt.
  6. Bumping this so we can plan some stuff. Also, I'll be at Six Flags Magic Mountain this sunday. For those of you who happen to be there, see if you can spot me.
  7. It's called cutscenes and not too much compression since there's plenty of space on the disk anyway.
  8. I'll stick to my C&C First Decade boxset. At least it doesn't require extra steps to get running on XP. Although it does demand a few huge patches and 7 serial numbers during installation.
  9. What are you basing that on? Outside of firmware and a few anti-piracy design modifications on the PCB there's no difference between a launch Wii and one you'd buy today. Same CPU, GPU and everything. Somewhat more on topic: Does the eject button on the system work? How long was the system turned off for? What happens if you remove the powersupply for a minute, press the power button, then hook it up again?
  10. I'll be in South Lake Tahoe too for a bit(16-17 september)
  11. So I'll be heading out to the US in less than two weeks for three weeks with a friend, taking a small tour of California along with a trip to Vegas. Mainly it'll be sightseeing and stuff, but it would also be cool to meet up with a bunch of OCR people if possible. I've already talked to a few people about it, and it seems that San Francisco could be a nice place to meet. I'll be there on the 14th and 15th. Anyone want to come say hi? We can finalize the schedule(When, where and what) before I leave, but so far it's pretty open. EDIT: Due to unfinalized schedule, here's the details. Saturday, september 15th. 353 Jefferson Street, San Francisco. Be there at 11 AM, look for the guy in the white OCR shirt.
  12. No. Most of the "tweaks" with disabling services listed there have a VERY minor effect on overall performance in recent systems and are only useful if you're still running a sub-800MHz system with 128MB RAM and Windows XP. In some cases, performance can even get worse. There used to be a bigass topic on Ars Technica with benchmarks and everything in it, but it's sadly gone from there now due to old age. Contrary to popular "power user" belief, there's nothing wrong with a bit of RAM actually being used, as opposed to keeping as much of it empty as possible. Memory management is quite advanced these days, and it's not like it needs to be empty. It is however recommended to quit some of the more RAM-intensive stuff when you wanna game, but that's only normal. Same goes for looking for more efficient software to replace bloat. Also, anyone thinking about disabling the pagefile should be punched in the nuts.
  13. There's a few performance increasing packs for Vista out now, from Microsoft themselves. Also, Vista's pretty much good to go these days, although in some cases you might wanna wait for SP1. Some tips though: 1) Don't upgrade, reinstall. A lot of Vista issues are related to people upgrading when they should be doing a clean install. 2) nVidia drivers are pretty shitty at the moment, they should get better over time. 3) Remember how XP was back when it came out in 2001? Vista's a lot better than XP was when it came out, and it's still better than XP is these days at several points. Anyway, here's a few links: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=938979 http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=938194 For all your performance-boosting needs. I run Vista Business on my Macbook in a dualboot configuration, and it's been nice with me so far. I don't use it for too much yet though(Mainly because OSX does almost everything I need it to do)
  14. And the fast version: http://www.ocremix.org/info/Site_History
  15. M4P is the protected fileformat, M4A is unprotected audio. There are methods that I cannot further divulge(Hint: Google for it) to remove the protection on iTMS purchased music, which can then be followed by converting the M4As to MP3s in iTunes itself, resulting in MP3s. Quality loss is a part of this though, but only in the M4A>MP3 part.
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