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  1. Keep in mind that every time a large update releases for TF2, there are pubbies everywhere. The regulars didn't start stacking up on the server until after a few hours passed, and prior to then, yeah it was a meatgrinder. Even when it got to mostly regulars, well... new stuff releases, people want to just try it out. The game will probably return to normal in a week... maybe.

    Also, this is genius:

  2. It took me the second listen through before I noticed Song of Healing in there, and several more times before I recognized all instances of Song of Healing. Really amazing job, I'm stunned by the quality of this mix.

    Also, the section from 2:44-2:50 made me think Sins of a Solar Empire. In fact, this mix would actually fit pretty well in that game.

    Had I not known this was Majora's Mask ahead of time, it would've taken me forever to realize what it was, and that's not a bad thing.

  3. Will you be shifting back to old voicechat codec temporarily for allowing micspam or are you just going to troll everyone with your voices? Got a lot of quotes I could micspam from things I've watched recently, alongside rick roll etc.

  4. On a random note, we're avoiding using remixes from the same game within the same month. Likewise, no more than two from a single series. Also, every five weeks we'll be doing an "event week" that's prepped ahead of time and has a special theme going for it. That said, if it's been two or three weeks and your suggestion hasn't been added yet, it's probably one of those reasons mentioned. We will get around to adding all suggestions eventually, so don't hesitate to keep adding more suggestions here! (or in the comments section of the group)

    We still need an avatar for the group, so if someone can come up with something, please do so.

  5. Oh uhh... I sorta started that a few nights ago myself, though I only went through 10-15 of them, mainly because I didn't have more than that.

    I think a music plugin of some sort, whether it be voting or a global radio for the server would be neat if it exists.

  6. Effect --> Volume --> Maximize Volume

    Change the number down to -20. That's what I set most everything to, though I might go more for -21 or -22 (Metamorphic Rock remix apparently had to get knocked down to -24). Occasionally, I'll set things to -15 if the song is quiet to start with. So yeah, that's how I set the volume on all my songs within 10 seconds each.

  7. Had to ban some folks last night, one for obvious reasons (being a complete and total asshole), and another for what may seem less obvious.

    I'd like to remind everyone (or in this case, preach to the choir) that OCRTF2 servers are the official servers of the OverClocked ReMix community, which means that if someone is playing remixes over mic (with the permission of the admins), don't sit there and shit all over the music, calling it "fucking micspam" or other things like that. OC ReMix is not just a gaming community; it's a music and gaming community.

    Also if you play on the servers and haven't checked out the remixes...check out the remixes, guys. There's a lot of great music here.

    Was there someone complaining about it? I dunno, maybe it was when I had TF2 alt-tabbed during certain tracks, but as far as I know, everyone seemed nicely receptive of it.

    For the record, I think it'd be cool to have a OCR-only micspam night every week or two. That is, all mixes on OCR, other albums/mixes from the remixers, and official OCR albums. That said, I'll be sure to get at least thirty more for the next time I go on an OCR micspam spree.

  8. For those of you that enjoy RTS games, there is a free multiplayer beta of Retribution, which is a standalone expansion pack to Dawn of War 2. The process takes approx. 5 minutes and then it's simply waiting for the 3-4GB download to complete in Steam.

    Click here to go through the quick process - http://community.dawnofwar2.com/blog-post/repost-receiving-retribution-beta-keys

    The beta runs until midnight of the 24th of this month. It covers only the multiplayer mode (not the Last Stand mode) and includes a new volcano-type map as well as the Imperial Guard race, making a total of six playable races and lot of maps ranging from 2 to 6 players.

    If you wanna hit me up on Steam and play a few matches with/against me, look up [OCR]WindStrike (if that doesn't work, look up WindStrike72) and I'll be more than happy to help you figure the game out or completely annihilate you.

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