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  1. What have we learned when it comes to drunk night TF2? DON'T MIX TERIYAKI WITH RED WINE. Or any drink in general. I'm still feeling the shakiness that is regret.
  2. Keep in mind that every time a large update releases for TF2, there are pubbies everywhere. The regulars didn't start stacking up on the server until after a few hours passed, and prior to then, yeah it was a meatgrinder. Even when it got to mostly regulars, well... new stuff releases, people want to just try it out. The game will probably return to normal in a week... maybe. Also, this is genius:
  3. Apparently, by typing "Do a Barrel Roll" in the Google search engine, Google will do a barrel roll, as a result of pressing 'R' twice. Autofill may cause it to barrel roll before you finish typing it.
  4. It took me the second listen through before I noticed Song of Healing in there, and several more times before I recognized all instances of Song of Healing. Really amazing job, I'm stunned by the quality of this mix. Also, the section from 2:44-2:50 made me think Sins of a Solar Empire. In fact, this mix would actually fit pretty well in that game. Had I not known this was Majora's Mask ahead of time, it would've taken me forever to realize what it was, and that's not a bad thing.
  5. This is an extremely amazing fan movie created by free space films based on StarCraft. One of the most epic fan creations I've seen for anything. Check it out:
  6. There's always Shadows of Lylat, if it'll ever come out. If Retro (or anyone) were to make a new SF game, I'd rather they try to keep the cheesiness that SF64 had, kinda generic but one heck of a fun and replayable romp.
  7. I beat Super Mario Sunshine... never got all 120 shines though, and honestly, I don't want to. Way too hard.
  8. Welp, been a regular here for a while, right around when the server first started out. Any chance I can have a reserved slot? (though I admit that I don't play nearly as much anymore)
  9. LET THE GALAXY BURN! Oh, and happy birthday and stuffs to you two.
  10. Unsealed, by CarboHydroM. Epic rock medley covering every song from A Link to the Past encompassing 19 minutes of awesomeness. I'm currently holding third place on the score rankings with a pointman score, doubt I'll ever take first. Find it here on his site - http://www.carbohydrom.net/music.html
  11. Will you be shifting back to old voicechat codec temporarily for allowing micspam or are you just going to troll everyone with your voices? Got a lot of quotes I could micspam from things I've watched recently, alongside rick roll etc.
  12. On a random note, we're avoiding using remixes from the same game within the same month. Likewise, no more than two from a single series. Also, every five weeks we'll be doing an "event week" that's prepped ahead of time and has a special theme going for it. That said, if it's been two or three weeks and your suggestion hasn't been added yet, it's probably one of those reasons mentioned. We will get around to adding all suggestions eventually, so don't hesitate to keep adding more suggestions here! (or in the comments section of the group) We still need an avatar for the group, so if someone can come up with something, please do so.
  13. That is a terrible set of beta changes. Making the standard weapons gimmicky is just... it just seems stupid to me. Hopefully they don't make it through.
  14. What Portal 2 should have been: http://www.dorkly.com/video/14583/dorkly-bits-mario-with-a-portal-gun
  15. For the record, we're posting the Steam weekly announcements here as well.
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