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  1. I think they took the success of the Saturn NiGHTs controllers (which were really good controllers for that specific game, mind you) and went overboard with it. Unfortunately, they're lousy controllers for any other game that doesn't play like NiGHTs.

    I think the design of their Saturn controllers was the most comfortable. They should've stuck with something similar to that. KF

    ya know, i kinda liked the controllers, i was only like 8 when i had a dreamcast, but i had some sonic game, and the controller just worked for me

  2. I haven't played it. I have really no desire to play any of the Mario sport games (i do have mario golf for gc though... heh).

    i agree, i dont really have the motivation to play it. it seems like wii sports with mario characters and specials, but my logic is most likely wrong, i'd give it a try, but i'll probably do that before i buy it. if any of my friends get it that is

  3. ^^ Said it all.

    I just bought No More Heroes. It's one of those games that you can't judge by the mediocre scores; it's basically fantastic but has a bunch of glaring flaws that lower review scores.

    i completely agree, i've played No More Heroes once, and it was pretty sick

    i just have to get around to buying it..but i got fired :(

  4. How laughable. You consider your opinion of the game's qualities to be objective! I am getting so fricken fed up with posters who think their opinion should be upheld as fact! If you're going to talk about objectivity (Facts, supported with undeniable evidence), you'd better fricking know what that term means!

    I completely agree

    I hate how people always think they have the dominant opinion and they're the only one thats right

  5. Wow this thread still exists. :shock:

    Haha, as soon as i saw it i had the urge to hunt down my old post(s)...


    I still stand by this statement.

    As far as bosses go for games i am currently playing, I haven't really played an extremely challenging boss lately... :|

    not gonna lie, metroid prime was pretty easy once ya knew what you were doing

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