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  1. i never liked gta, so this is seeming pretty lame right about now
  2. I was happy when i saw the apprentice was on this game
  3. well, i never really liked dream theater, but i might give it a try
  4. i'm so excited for this game, i've been waiting two years since i saw the preview and demo at e3 2006
  5. I'm pretty hyped to play it I saw the trailer, it was sick I played sc4 and the apprentice was pretty awesome so i'm excited to get it and just having a wii is going to make this game so much more bad ass, i hope im not disapointed
  6. ya know, i kinda liked the controllers, i was only like 8 when i had a dreamcast, but i had some sonic game, and the controller just worked for me
  7. i agree, i dont really have the motivation to play it. it seems like wii sports with mario characters and specials, but my logic is most likely wrong, i'd give it a try, but i'll probably do that before i buy it. if any of my friends get it that is
  8. atmuh, i give you props, thoes are both amazing
  9. Seth McFarlane is a comedy genius That was probably the best two minutes I've had on the internet in awhile
  10. I like the new facebook as well, and facebook IM totally pwns myspace IM, no more data to add to my hard drive
  11. i completely agree, i've played No More Heroes once, and it was pretty sick i just have to get around to buying it..but i got fired
  12. does anybody wanna play? friend code 4081 7958 0284
  13. So i'm buying a wii and the only games i really plan on buying (as of right now) is Metroid Prime 3, Super Smash Bros.:Brawl, and Star Wars: Force Unleashed
  14. I completely agree I hate how people always think they have the dominant opinion and they're the only one thats right
  15. i think my favorite of the 3 is DKC2. for some reason it was alot better than the third, and had alot better controls than the first
  16. ya for sure idk, i they all just fell in line, so i really have no favorite
  17. Does anybody other than me still like this game?
  18. not gonna lie, metroid prime was pretty easy once ya knew what you were doing
  19. nah man, sephiroth, in kh2 omfg, sooooo hard on hard mode, it took me 4 hours just in normal mode
  20. i still need to get a wii i had a 360 but it broke and i have no love for the ps3 fuck you, and fuck your cash i can have fun with my wii while you touch yourself to mgs4
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