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    i like earthbound....
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  1. i never liked gta, so this is seeming pretty lame right about now
  2. I was happy when i saw the apprentice was on this game
  3. well, i never really liked dream theater, but i might give it a try
  4. i'm so excited for this game, i've been waiting two years since i saw the preview and demo at e3 2006
  5. I'm pretty hyped to play it I saw the trailer, it was sick I played sc4 and the apprentice was pretty awesome so i'm excited to get it and just having a wii is going to make this game so much more bad ass, i hope im not disapointed
  6. ya know, i kinda liked the controllers, i was only like 8 when i had a dreamcast, but i had some sonic game, and the controller just worked for me
  7. i agree, i dont really have the motivation to play it. it seems like wii sports with mario characters and specials, but my logic is most likely wrong, i'd give it a try, but i'll probably do that before i buy it. if any of my friends get it that is
  8. atmuh, i give you props, thoes are both amazing
  9. Seth McFarlane is a comedy genius That was probably the best two minutes I've had on the internet in awhile
  10. I like the new facebook as well, and facebook IM totally pwns myspace IM, no more data to add to my hard drive
  11. i completely agree, i've played No More Heroes once, and it was pretty sick i just have to get around to buying it..but i got fired
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