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  1. This is such a great song on its own - it'd be hard to keep it thematically similar with all the absurd scat and have it feel transformative or improved. In that way it's kinda perfect the way it is. But it's a nice tune, so maybe somebody could interpret all that scat into more of a traditional instrumental.

  2. After listening to this soundtrack more, I wanted to update the thread. One of the things I've noticed about the OST, in general, is that the ambient tunes take some time to ramp up, and when they do, they have some really great melodies.

    Here's one in particular.


    "The Forest" This is my absolute favorite on this OST. At about 0:45, the pan flute starts to kick in and delivers a surprisingly emotional theme. It's the only song in this list I put on repeat.


  3. The 3rd floor of the White Tower is host to my first horrified-by-a-game memories, and the music is no small part of that tension and terror. I'm excited to see how you translate that theme into guitar. (Maybe with guitar meedly-meedlies on the teensy-weensy strings?)

    Victor's Theme is a really good pick, very memorable.

    I'll look forward to your covers, have fun man.

  4. Thanks for the links! I'll add your track to my collection. :) I think you're the only person working on LOL tracks on this site which is insane. It's so good.

    I was humming through some of the LOL soundtrack in my head. So many of the tracks would play well with your guitar skills.

    I must suggest that the Castle Cimmeria theme would translate well into your style. I just imagine a lead guitar screaming through the melody with that crazy bass working and it lights up my goosebumps.

    But whatever with my suggestion. Keep doing what inspires you. <3

  5. Hey music aficionados,

    I recently came back to a strange and interesting soundtrack that I had to share. It's for a GBA game that was ported to DS called Mazes of Fate, one of a few first-person fantasy RPGs for those handhelds.

    The music is crazy diverse and original. Check it out for yourself:


    I don't have a particular request, but I thought you guys would get a kick out of how cool this soundtrack is, and maybe somebody would be inspired to update a song or two.


    A few of my favorites:

    "Character Select" is gentle and sublime, though doesn't offer much to work with as far as source material goes. Could be a good intro and outro to a mashup with another track.



    "Latin Dungeon" is snazzy and has a fun rhythm with interesting use of instruments. I like how casual and meandering it is.



    "Mountain Town" has as distinct Secret of Mana feel, IMO. Upbeat and adventurous.



    "Rashtel Town" Suprisingly funky.



    That's all, hope you've enjoyed.

  6. I really love where this is going. There's so many Dire Dire attempts out there that just haven't captured me, but this one is genuinely doing something original and complimentary to the original, rather than depending on the quality of the source to carry it. Well done.

    I was going to criticize that it feels short and incomplete, but then I realized it's a full 3 and a half minutes. The song just progresses so well, I felt like I wanted another couple more minutes to enjoy the work.

    That is either a testament to how well you've done, or a legitimate criticism that the song may need another minute in it to really make it feel completed.

    It builds up so dynamically, by the time it hits the 3:00 mark I feel like it's just begun. I want to hear all of the parts go balls-out with the symphony (teased in the beginning) and some more intensity on the drums. 3:33 feels like it's ready to ramp up to the next level, and then it drops off, and I'm left wanting more.

  7. This is a great tune and I love piano work, I'm glad you're playing around with.

    I feel like this version isn't quite as moody as the original; it feels a little empty. I feel like I'm also losing the theme occasionally as you go through some transitions. One little gripe, is where the harmony is played an octave lower from the original at 0:57, and I just dont think it suits the tune as well.

    I hope you keep playing with it, but right now I feel like it's just a bit slow and empty. You might be able to get away with it if you had a lot of drama built around it, but it's hard for somebody like me to tell.

    Again, I hope you continue playing with this theme, and good luck.

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