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  1. Very Final Boss like! This is 7 years old? Aged pretty well! Not familiar with the source material, but it sounds awesome! Also your guitar sounds pretty nice, despite it being midi.
  2. Isn't deep house supposed to be chill?? Your remix is really battle like. You did an amazing job! You really improved upon the original!
  3. I think you nailed it! The feel really says pokemon to me!
  4. Dude, awesome! There is definitely a groove in this! Love the glides in the lead! I saved your song in a private playlist, so I won't lose it!
  5. Aah, that's fine I guess. Wouldn't have heard it otherwise! You have an amazing voice!
  6. I like how you kept the old bit feel to it, while adding more instrumentation and more of a modern flair (i think). Love your work!
  7. Yes, chill music! This sounds awesome! I love the remix! I'd listen to this again!
  8. Just wanted to give you a compliment on your work! Don't have anything to add. Thank you for sharing!
  9. Have to admit. little bit jealous of orchestra producers. Your sounds are always so grand! Srry, don't have much feedback. It sounds amazing! In some parts it sounds unclear in the sense that too many instruments do too much or too many things at the same time, if that makes sense... Yeah, that's it! Thank you for sharing!
  10. DUDE! SOLID!! You go from A to Z! I love your work! How long did it take you to make this album??
  11. Can you make a mix with all you ambient tracks? I need it for background music while I work!! I have ADHD and this is sooo relaxing!!!
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