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  1. My best guess so far is Youtube saw all the "videos" as being identical, possibly calling that spam. Whatever the truth is, my Youtube playlists are now much more sparse and sad.
  2. I'm subscribed to both Floss and OCR on Youtube, and when I heard this start playing, I recognized it immediately. I'd always wished that Floss would send his stuff here to OC, and when I heard this, I had to come read the write-up right away. Glad he's part of this community.
  3. Lowering the levels helped immensely, thank you. I am now going to go find an EQ tutorial to help me with that as well
  4. I am extremely inexperienced with the use of synthesizers as a form of writing music and therefore have been having a few issues. This one that I'm about to mention is regarding Reason 4, of course. The largest issue I'm having at the moment is that whenever I try to add a low drum (Big Fat Drum for Example), whenever the drum plays, I get a lot of noise/scratchy-ness out of my composition. If I play the drum solo, it sounds fine. If I play everything else solo, that sounds fine as well. It's only when the bass and treble play together. Any suggestions?
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